[ACS][ROM/THEME]Admiral Beast V.01

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  1. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Your correct but if your doing so just to have the green icons back your gonna loose my apk optimizations

  2. pcflip

    pcflip Well-Known Member

    can you post screen shots and benchmarks and a bit more details on what has been changed and tweaked, I really do appreciate all the hard work you have put into this.
  3. flakito97

    flakito97 Well-Known Member

    Alot of things go into play with themes, not just cooking one up using a kitchen and flashing it. The lg esteem has a bigger screen and everything is set on those dimensions, imagine it played out without switching the dimensions on our admire... Flashing is all fun and games till your phone stays black after an unproper flash.. Lets leave it to the big Dogs to work it out. In the meantime, lets donate to the one person who's responded back to our requests, Thanks MysteryEmotionz. Lets hope you dont get overwhelmed with the critics and just quit, like many others have done.

    Edit: btw this was just in general, and for future reference.
    Lets keep it clean and mindful of others...
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  4. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    There is a screen shot in my introduction thread. I'm getting 1152 in quadrant advance. As far as details on what changed look at the changelog.
  5. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Well said. Ty
  6. flakito97

    flakito97 Well-Known Member

    No prob. ive just seen way too much other potential lost in other forums because of people who dont simply google what theyre asking b4 posting it. And then complain when all of a sudden there is no development...

    Im honestly grateful for what weve got now, to tell ya the truth. I didnt expect no kinda development for this phone at all, just a simple root lolz.
  7. pcflip

    pcflip Well-Known Member

    gotcha okay, so a lot of these changes we can do now with our rooted phone by editing the build prop, well I appreciate what you have done so far but I will hold off until CWM is finished and you have had time to work on a more advanced rom. I will be sure to send a donation your way when I get a chance.
  8. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    My changes to the build.prop any user can do is correct. I did alot of homework n testing to find the values that work best with r phone n made it simple easy for the user that don't know what there doing or understand the build.prop. My apk optimizations r a different story n can not be done in the phone. There done a pc with knowledge of whats going on.

    I have time to do an extensive rom. The things I did now would be in a rom you can flash with cwm also. The problem is there is alot more I want to do under the hood but the potential of bricking the phone is great. Having cwm will help me cause if something goes wrong I can boot into recovery n revert back
  9. quozzerx

    quozzerx Active Member

    OK, took a rick in doing it from 2.3.6. Everything seems to be working. Back to 2.3.4 but now it says my network is Internal phone storage is getting low

  10. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    reading us fundamental.

    it says right in the op u must be on 2.3.4
  11. al57king

    al57king Member

    Screen Stuck on Metro PCS NOW WHAT?
  12. al57king

    al57king Member

  13. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Glad u got it
  14. was wondering, when you set the overclocking, would i still even need to use cpu master apk? and im using a go launcher also, everything works great so far, my screen froze after reboot but just once and another reboot did the trick. good job dude, i like the times font also...gonna stick with that
  15. Techwiz

    Techwiz Active Member

    yo MysteryEmotion, I wanted to know if it was possible to learn how to make roms and such through research done by internet because I know u could use an extra hand developing and if possible I would like to help.
  16. aboatright

    aboatright Well-Known Member

    I'm bootlooping like crazy and it wont stop!!!! the local prop was denied and so was remount..im rooted or at least i was until it went loopy on me...help!!!

    edit..reboot recovery...wipe...restore...flash....bam baby...new rom ;)
  17. roam4

    roam4 Active Member Contributor

    I was a little worried when I saw adb must be installed, was relieved once I realized that it just needed to be present, I didn't have to actually use it, that would be beyond my comfort zone....Thanks for this Great Effort!!!
  18. greasemonky

    greasemonky Well-Known Member

    Wow, looks nice. My hard drive crashed today when I got home or I would of done it sooner and posted sooner. I got a little worried when I saw metropcs on my wallpaper cus I got cricket but tested it out and works great. I got no feedback from anyone if it works on the vitality but I did it anyway and for whoever wonders the same as me, yes it does work on the vitality. I will be donating now. Thanks Mystery for the work.
  19. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Ty everyone. Seeing you guys enjoy my work is what drives me. I promise it will keep getting better.
  20. nejiboi

    nejiboi Member

    i keep getting (the process %1$s has stopped unexpectedly) what do i do
  21. giggy51

    giggy51 Active Member

    Thank you soooo much. Now my phone is even closer to looking like ICS with the blue looking status bar theme. I was constantly checking this site to see if anything was gonna come out this week, and lo and behold it did :) can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Thank you so much for supporting our wonderful phones :)
  22. aihliift@

    aihliift@ Well-Known Member

    looks so much fancier with the roboto font :)
    btw the rom is spectacular !
  23. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    And who was you referring that to, if it was towards me than i think you need to go back and read the other post that i posted to a person that wanted an ics theme. :rolleyes:

    And also you can use uot kitchen with any phone only thing you need to do is upload your system ui and framework, screen size has nothing to do with it, every phone that was made android wise can use uot kitchen, so i dont know where you getting your info from. And yes since we have a recover we canflash anything, but like i said in my other post since admire doesn't have one than i wouldn't recommend it, i make alot of themes for different devices!!! ;)

    How kitchen works

    Kitchen originally was build for HTC Desire, but now it supports most devices with Android OS.
    Kitchen takes files from your rom and adds modifications you choose.
    It works for most custom deodexed roms: Froyo (2.2) and Gingerbead (2.3).
    You can use kitchen with stock odexed roms (if you have .odex files in your rom - kitchen works for you too)
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  24. exile1975

    exile1975 Well-Known Member

    I meant no criticism and was only trying to be helpful. Also I really am curious if it makes a difference...

    The second post was trying to help the ones with questions of trying to revert to stock. Until there is an actual recovery.
  25. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    I know you meant no harm and other should see that also...:D
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