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Activating Wifi crashes local networkSupport

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  1. relliott66

    relliott66 New Member


    Tried to see if anyone else had this same problem and couldnt find a like post so asking in a new one.

    I just recently purchased the Sensation (no duh :) ) and whenever I turn on wifi my local network loses internet connectivity within 10-15 minutes at most. All connections stay active, just no internet. Only way to repair is to unplug cable modem from cable and power, let it set a few, and then reconnect everything.

    Anyone else experiencing something similar? Lemme know what other info you may need and I will provide what I can.

    - sidebar question -
    Anyone figure out how to connect to Live IM with sensation? I was able to do it with my old G1 without using any 3rd party stuff but can't seem to find a built in one on the Sensation.

    Thanks all

  2. dwsmith

    dwsmith Active Member

    That isn't caused by the phone. It is simply coincidental. Your router has either burned out some chips, the technology is old, or there is some incompatibility in your network.
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  3. relliott66

    relliott66 New Member

    Decided to go ahead and update the firmware on my DGL4500 router, which never had a problem with any of the 13 different things I have here plus all the visitors I have allowed to connect to it, and sure enough it 'seems' to be working now. Been about 15 minutes so far without losing internet and I have used the Market as well as a couple of other internet needing apps successfully.

    Thanks for the reply and thankfully it wasn't because my router was fried...

    P.S. - Gave ya a thanks as well...

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