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  1. Chinespa

    Chinespa Member

    I bought a new Kyocera Hydro today. I like the phone except that it bugs me to activate it every time I turn it on. I don't plan to activate it because I bought it to use as a GPS and camera. I bought it mainly because it is water proof and I know how easily water ruins most phones. Does anyone know how to make it stop bugging me to activate? I suppose someone must know a trick? It tries to connect but makes an annoying sound when it can't. That sound is kinda high pitched and distracting. I have 15 days to return it and I probably will. Once activated does it stay activated permanently? I don't want to give them my name and address. I even paid cash (they didn't ask for any id or anything like that, just tried to sell me a service plan).

  2. Chinespa

    Chinespa Member

    I have decided to get a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. It isn't waterproof or as inexpensive as the Hydro. I have decided that for my purposes the Galaxy Player would be most suitable. I have decided that because I like their big screens and the Galaxy Players have most of the functionality of a phone but do not need activation or worse...data plans:(. The player does not have cellular parts. like the latest Galaxy S III but I would never ever pay that much money or I would have bought an Iphone (iPhad I call them). Although I made this choice, I still have plain cell phone for calls. Sorry if off topic but this may also serve as a product suggestion for people who want smart phone functionality but don't plan to use it as a real phone.

    I do not work for Samsung in any way or sell any of their products, I just like their products.

    With that said, I get no money whatsoever from Samsung (in fact they are getting a bit of mine).

    If this is not in the right place, please put it in the appropriate thread or forum...for others to see.
  3. Wiesshund

    Wiesshund Well-Known Member

    Its a boost phone, so its contract free.

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