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activity/new menu help.

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  1. simondid

    simondid Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 18, 2010
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    i have made this app that can plus and minus in a text view (i know noob developer)

    but i wish to make like a second menu. like home and settings. screen
    ore like battel and missions. screen
    to different ui that can to total different things. but stiller in same app.

    what is the why to make such one??

    and what is the best whye. to make that??

    just a lille question more..

    if i wish to twice somthing a score. what am i going to type then..

    ++ is +1
    but i can't make like score*4 what is the code for that

    any one know more android Developer forum i can ask one??


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