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  1. fusel

    fusel New Member

    Hello to all,

    i'm pretty new in programming apps and need a little help in creating an ActivityStarter.

    What i want to do is picking a picture from sdcard and passing it to the 'autodesk sketchbook mobile'-app for editing or at least passing it to the android gallery-app for viewing.

    The picking process already works via another ActivityStarter, the file is then available in my app as ActivityStarter1.ResultUri. A Button shall now start the new activity (ActivityStarter2) opening the picture in the gallery/sketchbook.

    Can anybody tell me how to set the properties (action, ActivityClass, ActivityPackeage...) for these two apps? I'm totally stuck trying thousands of ways.

    Thx in advance

  2. perfectime28

    perfectime28 New Member

    Hello my friend ,
    I guess u have to have to google the activitystarter component and it gives how to set its proproties and how to edit the pieces in blocks editor for Tourmap example , I hope I answered ur questions ,

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