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  1. zyberboy

    zyberboy New Member

    Hi, I have to buy new mobile, and trying to decide between Htc one v and xperia sola both have 3.7inch(9.3cm) screen according to the specs, but when comparing the two models today at a store i felt htc screen is little bit larger diagonally and its more than 9.3cms diagonally:confused: can anyone with htc one v please measure and confirm this?

  2. zyberboy

    zyberboy New Member

  3. Oldsig

    Oldsig Member

    The OV looks longer than 3.7 when it's not turned on because of the "buttons" at the bottom. Mine does measure 3.7 of viewing area.
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  4. zyberboy

    zyberboy New Member

    ^thank you

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