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  1. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Well-Known Member

    I, as so many others, have been waiting forever on the Bionic.

    But, if the Vigor is really only 28 days after the Bionic release, it might be worth that little more wait??

    Do we have exact specs on the Vigor yet?? What are they??

  2. serpentine009

    serpentine009 Well-Known Member

    I just hope it is narrower than the Thunderbolt...I am not a fan of those wide phones....I hope is closer in width to the Incredible than the Thunderbolt.
  3. AurJohn

    AurJohn Well-Known Member

    I too, have been waiting "patiently" for the bionic, but after seeing the Vigor in the "news" the past couple days, I maybe be willing to wait again on this.. The only rumors I can find say the Vigor has a 1.5ghz processor (dual core or not?), 720p display, and 4g. Hope my D1 can hold out for just a little while longer!
  4. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Well-Known Member

    We know that it should have the 1.5GHz processor, and I highly doubt that anyone is interested in putting less than a dual core in a flagship device like the Vigor. I say flagship as it is replacing the Thunderbolt.

    On a side note: I hope my enV Touch can hold out a little while longer! :cool:
  5. hovercraftdriver25

    hovercraftdriver25 Well-Known Member

    The only thing that scares me is I read somewhere 4.7" screen-that's huge...will try to find where I read that to verify the "rumor"...otherwise, a new BEAST from HTC-Yay! The Thunderbolt didn't excite me, so still on my Inc.

    Edit* Think that screen size was for Eternity, but you would think it has to be bigger anyway to support true 720p
  6. jikhead

    jikhead Well-Known Member

    Motorola will loose some market share and % of Bionic phones sold with all the delays, and being released close to other phones. I've been waiting on the Bionic as well, but will likely wait to see what the Vigor will offer. Of all the "skinned" Android's, I think HTC has the best to offer. Notice though, in that spreadsheet leak yesterday, that it isn't given the Droid naming...but then again, the Thunderbolt didn't receive the Droid tagging as well.

    Oh, and stop with the LG EnV Touch mention it in every one of your posts EVERYWHERE on here. I'm pretty sure most of us know "your hoping your Touch holds on".....
  7. Ibrick

    Ibrick Well-Known Member

    We'll you gotta figure if its gonna be running ice cream it'll get rid of the soft keys which will free up quite a bit of real estate.

    Not to mention if your talking 2/10in diagonally there's prolly enough room to make it smaller than the tbolt AND give it a slightly bigger screen.
  8. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Well-Known Member

    I would just like to point all of you to a wonderful post over at Android Central on why you should not worry about these larger screen sizes.

    Nexus Prime - Page 44 - Android Forums

    ICS has no buttons. No buttons = more bezel space for screen. Hence larger screens without increasing phone size.
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  9. rip03

    rip03 Well-Known Member

    im happy they finaly made an htc vigor thread
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  10. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    I was worried that the thunderbolt would be to big, but i have decent size hands. Even with the extended battery, the weight and size does not bother me at all. Smaller phones (came to TB from a BlackBerry) seem fragile. Wife has a Incredible2, seems flimsy. And I can't wait to upgrade to a Vigor.
  11. rip03

    rip03 Well-Known Member

    Yea I agree. I remember back in the incredible days when everyone was like the screen on the inc was perfect and the evo was to big..I use to think the same thing who wants a big phone like that in their pocket..its funny how quick things change..seems like bigger is better now..I'm so tired of this lil screen I'm going crazy!!!
  12. Sportster

    Sportster Well-Known Member

    For those who have owned a HTC phone,what are you opinions on build quality and useability of their phones? Do they hold up well?? Well built? Any common issues,problems know about their phones? I'm waiting for something to hit,whether it's the Bionic,the SGS2 or this. I really like Samsungs top quality screen. How are HTC's screens?? It kinda makes no sense to jump on the Bionic right out the door when there are other top phones coming out a month later. So guess I'm stuck with my little buddy Droid for awhile longer....:rolleyes:
  13. jayefef

    jayefef Well-Known Member

    From what I have heard from others who have used other HTCs they say build quality is strong. I've seen Touch Pro/Diamond, HD 2s last a long while for people who had them. I held a WP7 HTC HD 7 and that phone is very nice materials wise. Very sturdy, nice finish on the outer materials. HD 2 was a very solidly built phone but was crippled since it launched with WinMo 6.5.

    The Incredible is the first HTC phone I've ever owned and in comparison to the others, it is not quite to the level of the HD 2 or HD7. Initial reviews for the Incredible questioned the build quality as a little too plasticky. I think those reviews were a little exaggerated because the screen bezel and the battery cover were plastic and soft touch finish respectively. Honestly, for hardware like this you should really consider a case to go along with it anyway and protect it from any potential mishap. I have one of the first batch of Incredibles with an AMOLED screen. It is a beautiful screen. Colors look really nice, vivid well backlit.
  14. hovercraftdriver25

    hovercraftdriver25 Well-Known Member

    I also have the Incredible, got it on launch day and it has served me very well. My son liked it so much that he ended up with one as well.

    It's different strokes for different folks, but as far as build quality, there are some plastic pieces as mentioned, but the phone feels VERY solid in the hand. I have never had any hardware issues...period. It's rooted, and was done easily I might add, but any issues I have ever had are related to the various roms I have loaded on to it. Currently running MIUI and I love it...much better than HTC Sense, IMHO. But my son still has stock sense on his and he is just as happy.

    For me on Verizon, it boils down to the Vigor being a real phone that actually gets released vs. the GS2 variant. I played with a buddie's S2 when I was in S. Korea in May and it was a very sweet phone. I said then that it was going to be my next phone. But now that I've heard of the Vigor and seen some rumored specs AND it's an HTC phone, I am definitely looking for more info on it before I decide.

    I was really wanting to get the Bionic, but it has taken too long and I can't stand the sloped/raised back I've seen in pictures...looks like some futuristic electric shaver to me :)
  15. hovercraftdriver25

    hovercraftdriver25 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I messaged Phases and asked him to open one since I noticed the Strat forum opened the day before following the VZW launch map leak...much to my surprise he PM'd me back and said it was a done deal, so he gets the kudos.
  16. Rayw796

    Rayw796 Member

    All I have had are Nokias, RIMS and Motorola. Out of these I grew partial to Motorola. However, having waited so long that higher end phones are on the immediate horizon, I am going to hold on to my Droid 1 a little longer. If the Vigor comes out in early October, I definitely want to take a look and it might become my first HTC. Galaxy S2, Vigor and Bionic will be competing for my dollars in mid October (at least I hope they will all be cometing).
  17. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    I've got an Evo and have been very happy with the build and quality of the phone itself. I however, am not happy with Sprint's coverage and service in my area- its horrible at best.

    I want to learn more about the Vigor to see if it is the phone I'm looking for. I'm not on a contract any longer with Sprint, so I can jump ship at anytime (although I will lose my unlimited data). It will be nice to be on a network that actually works as it should where I live.
  18. SiXiam

    SiXiam Well-Known Member

    Looking to upgrade my Droid X with either the Bionic or the Vigor. I had a one-year contract which is now over. The X already has a 4.3" screen, so I'm looking for something bigger.
  19. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Well-Known Member

    I'd wait for ICS if I were you. You at least have an Android phone that you can use to hold you out. The X is a great device. ICS will bring larger screens without too much of a increase in size.
  20. SiXiam

    SiXiam Well-Known Member

    What is an ICS?
  21. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Well-Known Member

    Ice cream sandwhich. Android 4.0. The next version of Android.
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  22. SiXiam

    SiXiam Well-Known Member

    Oh ok, I figure I would just root & upgrade my device when 4.0 comes out. I've done that with my G1 & my Droid X. Now it looks like I'll be getting either the Samsung Stratosphere or the HTC Vigor. Just waiting on the Vigor's specs. I don't really care to wait for the 4.0 phones, dual core & LTE, with a 4.5" screen is good enough! :D
  23. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Well-Known Member

    Not considering the Bionic then?
  24. SiXiam

    SiXiam Well-Known Member

    No, not anymore, now that we know the screen size. I want a screen bigger than my Droid X.

    4.3" is not enough for my big hands... :p

    You're speaking to someone who never understood why people complained about the original X-Box's controller size. ;)
  25. sjones765

    sjones765 Well-Known Member

    This may be a stupid question but with 720p, does that automatically mean a 4.3" our larger screen?
    Got to say, given there is no proof that motorola is even working on the bootloader issue, why consider the bionic when, at release will be average. At least with htc they appear to be making good on what they promised.

    "Just saw a quick run though of HTC unlock tool in action on global sensation.. got to admit I'm happy to see handset makers listen to users" from Black_Man_X via twitter.
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