Adao File manager How to Back up Contacts

  1. Evo4sickness

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    Whats up I was backing up my contacts from the contacts menu. And it gave me the option to save them as Vcards. When I went down to the bottom of the list I saw that it made the folder them. But when I first got the phone I would save the contacts and there was another folder that was called Backup Contacts which came with it and I had them saved in their too.

    I was trying to update that one folder and I deleted the folder not the contacts. So Iam trying to find out how to get that folder back and functional. I have looked all over google and havent found one link to explain how to get that folder back or where from where do I have to save the Contacts for that folder to come back with all of my contacts. When it was there and I tried to open it would say that it wasnt able to read it but on a computer it would come out like a word document. Iam doing all of this because Iam going to finally root my phone thanks.

    Udate I forgot that I was using an app called Backup Contacts and it saves them into a CSV file on the SD card.


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