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  1. ANTinc07

    ANTinc07 New Member

    what is the easiest link & set-up for adb driver so that i may root my phone? some1 any1 please help

  2. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    Check the atr guide sticky. All the info and reads is in there for your firmware version.
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  3. ANTinc07

    ANTinc07 New Member

    ok i looked, do u know which link its in because i still dont see anything "abd driver"
  4. D0VeR

    D0VeR Well-Known Member

    I'm right here. How can I assist you?

    Your looking for A Ben DoVeR right?

    Or was is adb (android debug) ?

    Sorry dude, its been a long time since I rooted... and I don't recall needed an adb driver. Everything you need should be provided in the all things root guide :)
  5. D0VeR

    D0VeR Well-Known Member

    Sorry, couldn't figure out how to send link :)
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  6. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    The adb driver gets installed by your phone when you enable usb debugging the first time. Google the all in one esteem drivers download.

    Check my test mode thread. I have a link in there.
  7. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    most of the installers posted here (by me anyhow) include adb and the needed USB drivers. ;)
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