ADB not recognizing my A60Support

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  1. explorer

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    Hello Folks,

    The ADB tool running on my computer (Windows 7 64-bit) won't recognize the A60 phone attached to the computer through a USB cable. The ADB tool is though able to recognize any emulators running on the computer.

    Let me add that the drivers shipped with the phone couldn't be installed on the computer as they were not digitally signed, and a trick suggested by the user Ranjit in this thread in the forum didn't work for me as well.

    Under the "ADB Interface" node in the Device Manager, it is showing "Android Sooner Single ADB Interface".

    Could you suggest how this issue could be resolved?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. explorer

    explorer Member

    Never mind, I solved the problem on my own.

    Since the Micromax A60 is a re-branded ZTE Penguin, I downloaded the Android USB drivers from the ZTE website using this link. After manually installing the drivers, the ADB started to recognize the device. I am able to debug the applications on the device now. :)

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