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  1. htc000

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    I have an HTC Desire. I am running Android version 2.2.

    I have my HTC Desire connected to the Internet via Wi-FI. Because of that, I do not need data services on my HTC Desire. This arrangement works well for me and I have no difficulty downloading stuff via my wireless network to my HTC Desire.

    I am now trying to install a few apps on my phone. The first one I am keen to install is CamCard - Business Card Reader from IntSig Information Co.,Ltd.

    The problem is when I click on Market icon on the HTC Desire, a screen appears and disappears very quickly and is replaced by the Add a Google Account screen. The message is "Your phone needs to communicate with the Google servers to set up your account. This may take up to 5 minutes."

    After that,I get the screen "Don't have a Google Account?" and "Already have a Google Account?"

    I have tried creating an account via the HTC Desire by selecting "Don't have a Google account?" After that failed, I set up a Google account and Checkout on my PC as highlighted in a number of forums. I have then selected "Already have a Google Account" using the username and password already created in Google.

    The HTC Desire then attempts to connect to the servers. However, the connection fails every time after at least 30 seconds with the message - Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customer Care."

    Does somebody know of a way to get around the following problems:

    1. Freeze the screen that flashes after I select the Market icon long enough to read it.
    2. Stop the HTC Desire from displaying the "Add a google Account" as I have already set one up via the PC; and
    3. Download apps to the HTC Desire without a data service.

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  3. adi19956

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    SCRAP THAT. hard reset lies in SD & phone storage in Settings. Factory data reset at the bottom.
    Because you have 2.2 :)

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