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Add BlueTooth to Android 2.1 Tablet?

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  1. thymox

    thymox Member

    Rooted 10" Infotmic Tablet running Android 2.1-update-1. It has 2xUSB-A ports that run as hosts - I can connect USB keyboards, mice, storage devices (pendrives, USB harddrives, card-readers, etc) and 3G dongles to 'em. I have a lovely slow-profile USB BlueTooth dongle that I used to have attached to my laptop. Anyone know how I can add BlueTooth support to my shiny? I'm happy to get my fingers dirty.

    Grant. :)

  2. thymox

    thymox Member

    And thoughts? It would seem that it has all the required Linux Bluetooth stack, it just lacks the actual kernel modules. I am considering getting the sources to the same version of the kernel and cross-compiling the relevant Bluetooth module and copying them over... but without depmod available on the tablet I'm not sure if it'd work. :(

    Anybody got any experience doing this kind of thing?
  3. Punch69

    Punch69 New Member

    Hello, have you been able to arrive at a solution for this problem? i am facing a similar problem with my android tablet. Help please!!
  4. Magic12

    Magic12 New Member

    Hi... did anybody found a solution to this problem... I'm facing same challenge with my tablet.... pls help :(

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