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  1. thericksonebay

    thericksonebay Active Member

    how do you add more pages to android 2.0s home screen the droid only has 3 the eris has 7 how can this be achieved

  2. poopieboy

    poopieboy Member

    You can't do it natively. But if you buy aHome or dxTop from the market, you can have i think somewhere between 5 and 10 home screens.
  3. thericksonebay

    thericksonebay Active Member

    neither of the apps you suggested work on the moto droid
  4. Bxsteez

    Bxsteez Active Member

    Open home 3.4 does i believe.
  5. Sensisnow

    Sensisnow Member

    I'm running Open Home with 7 screens and it's been working pretty well so far. It will even allow auto-rotation on the home screen without opening the keyboard! Well worth the $4 IMO.
  6. MotoDroidHelpandInfo

    MotoDroidHelpandInfo Well-Known Member

    Panda Home is Free and works somewhat right now but they're coming out with an update to make it function 100%.
  7. thericksonebay

    thericksonebay Active Member

    will all your widgets work or do you have to get new ones
  8. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    Does open home support the regular widgets?
  9. CombatChuck103

    CombatChuck103 Well-Known Member

    I liked Open home, but I noticed a slight lag loading up apps from the home screen. Not a huge deal if you want/need 7 screens. I guess its to be expected when running a full skin over stock 2.0
  10. Chris6565

    Chris6565 Member

    I quickly ran out of room on the home screen of my droid so I started to create folders to organize the apps I wanted on my desktop. menu >> add >> folders. To rename them just open them and do a long press on the folder name. After that just drag and drop, I have found it is quicker to just open a folder instead of trying to navigate to different pages.
  11. Berry2Droid

    Berry2Droid Well-Known Member

    download Launcher+, this apps only purpose is to add more home screens. works perfect on 2.0
  12. GDroid

    GDroid Well-Known Member

    I'm using Home++ with 7 screens.
  13. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Well-Known Member

    exactly the developer created this app as a bare bones complimenting the full home ++ app. if you want or like the stock home but want more screens than this is your app.
  14. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member

    I get 7 with GDE. I like it alot, but it force close alot......
  15. rfmdroider

    rfmdroider Member

    great advice!! Thanks!!
  16. HotDawg

    HotDawg Well-Known Member

    I used Droid folders and BetterCut to create folders, which was great for a while, but wanting a few more widgets I installed Launcher+ which is excellent. I think I'll have enough room for a long while now.
  17. UGAdroid

    UGAdroid Well-Known Member

    Use Home++. It is a pretty stable home replacement and gives you many screen options, plus has a shortcut bar at the bottom and hides the notification bar(optional). I started with Pandahome, but quickly moved to Home++. I tried Launcher but it was laggy. I dont use Home++ anymore, because I am rooted and have 5 screens, but I def reccommend Home++. Try it, you will like it better than stock home screens, IMO.
  18. Neverendingxsin

    Neverendingxsin Active Member

    actually both of them work on the moto droid.

    i personally use DXTOP and its amazing
  19. ccousinsjr

    ccousinsjr Well-Known Member

    Can you change the number of homescreens with root? Can you just add 2 to the default home?
  20. karmagedon

    karmagedon Well-Known Member

    if you go to, you can download FOR FREE the .....

    2.1 launcher
    2.1 htc launcher (with phone and browser tabs next to launcher)
    2.1 music app
    2.1 gallery (awesome)
    2.1 media dock/clock (with night mode)

    you'll have 5 screens. it's a bit laggy for some people, but it works fine for others.
  21. fireshaper

    fireshaper Well-Known Member

    I'm using the 2.1 launcher, which gives you 5 home screens and the 3D app launcher. Overall it's good but sometimes going back to the Home screen after being in another app will be laggy and it won't load anything, and I have to press the Home button a few times for it to load my widgets and shortcuts. But I like the 3D app launcher and the 5 home screens too much to go back to the stock Home.
  22. techdaring

    techdaring Well-Known Member

    Where to install Open Home or aHome ? I search on Android Market but I don't see any like that.
  23. William T Riker

    William T Riker Well-Known Member

    give LauncherPro a try
  24. JeffB-az

    JeffB-az Member

    I was just running out of space on my Galaxy Player. It comes with 7 pages. While on an application home page, I clicked on the menu button, hit "edit", and a new page was added.

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