adding a folder on SD card to auto backup on dropbox?Support

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  1. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    On my S5 I have dropbox, and it nicely auto uploads any images taken with the camera to dropbox, so when I power up the PC, they are pulled down to PC.

    I'm going to use the Sd card fitted to it to back up DSLR RAW files (so not recognised as images) to a folder on a holiday trip I'm doing, and I want those to sync up to dropbox.
    Is this possible without installing yet another app like dropsync?

    Surely dropbox can manage that simple task?

    Asking here as I understand there can be issues with non pre-installed apps and the SD card on kitkat on the S5.

  2. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste Guide


    AFAIK you will need an app such as dropsync. You can of course upload anything from your phone to dropbox with the dropbox app, but only manually if its not recognised as a photo or video. I'll leave it to someone else to answer re KitKat issues.

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  3. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    I was hoping to avoid another app. An app to make a backup app backup seems stupid to me.
  4. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Girolez is right, that's the only way you can go about and dropsync is an app I have used as well, it will get the job done.
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  5. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    Thanks both. I still think it's poor show that Dropbox needs dropsync to do it, but I have dropsync running now and it does do the job.

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