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Adding Media card

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  1. HiPaul

    HiPaul New Member

    can someone please explain what is exactly stored on the media card that came with the phone and what i need to do to upgrade to the 8gb card i got in the mail today?


  2. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    1. Take the 1MB card out of the phone and put it in a computer
    2. Copy everything on it to the computer
    3. Put the 8MB card in the computer
    4. Copy the files from the 1MB card onto the 8MB card
    5. Put the 8MB card into the phone
    6. Duh?
  3. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

  4. kaykordeath

    kaykordeath Member

    I'm gonna take a wild stab that these are the steps the OP is confused about.

    Open the keyboard. On the right, on the edge of the lip where the 4 main buttons are, is the tab to a removable flap. When you pull this open, you should be able to press IN on the current card to release it....reverse the steps to put in the new card.
  5. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    I took the fact that he asked what's on the card to mean he knew how to get it out of the phone.

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    Im a HUGE fan of common sense....so i wouldn't rule out that step yet. ROFL?
  7. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

  8. agentaaron

    agentaaron Member

    This may sound silly...but what files are on the card that came with the phone?

    before I even powered on my device I took out the 1 gig and slapped my old 4 gig in there.

    Everything has worked just fine...just wondering if im missin something here
  9. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    Anything on the card is going to be unnecessary to run the phone. Feel free to swap them out with other cards.

    However... programs may save things to the card, if you run those programs later they will work but you might not have some of the files you created, such as photos taken with the camera, stuff like that.

    You won't break anything, but you may be left wondering where your stuff went. So like it was said before, back your stuff up, and copy them to the new, larger, SD card. Should work like the old one, only bigger!
  10. lkosova

    lkosova Well-Known Member

    When I hook my wifes g1 via usb and unmount it(or mount it...I forget) she only has musci and albumart as folders.

    When I do my g1 I have those plus all the other folder I should have.

    What am I not doing right?????


  11. GotAndroid?

    GotAndroid? Member

    Larry, at the risk of getting flamed, what files and folders do you mean? You mentioned your wife's only has music related ones and you have others. Which ones do you have that are apart from what you see on your wifes?

    Is her card the original card that came with the phone? I use an 8GB myself that I made folders on to keep things orderly and it works fine. There are a few new folders that get put on it... Amazonmp3/allthumbs/dcim/com but it works fine.
  12. lkosova

    lkosova Well-Known Member

    HI Jeff,

    My sd card is:


    And hers is just download and albumart

    I understand that some of these are applications but I would think that there are basic folders that we should all have.

    The only difference is that I did a manual update for 29 and she got a ota for 29 but both of us got the ota for 30.

    Err...why would anyone flame me???? These are nice people and helpful on these forums
  13. jimczyz

    jimczyz Well-Known Member

    Larry, everything you have listed as being on your card is on mine. The only things I have other than that are folders I put on it myself. I would "guess" that you have done somethings and installed some programs that your wife has not.
  14. lkosova

    lkosova Well-Known Member

    That is what I thought but these were on my phone since day 1.....

    Thanks though.

  15. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    damn.. your phone only comes with a 1MB card? :[ I guess 8MB would be considered an upgrade.

    Mine came with a 1gb card.
  16. Shoo

    Shoo Member

    The correcter shall be corrected..
    I am sure he meant 1GB and 8GB...
    now who needs the DUH!

    The phone and apps will create the folders you need once inserted or when you run the apps...
  17. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    i think you need the DUH. I was ObViOuSlY kidding. No g1 came with a 1mb memory card. they dont even make em.
    so i thin the corrector to my correction shall be corrected by the original corrector.
  18. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member


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