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  1. d.2.the.p

    d.2.the.p New Member

    Hello All,

    I'm a first-time Android owner, and I recently picked up the Samsung Galaxy S 4G since I've been with T-mobile for what seems like forever. I am big on saving battery, so one thing I'm all about is disabling my mobile data when I'm not using it. However, I still want to be able to enable MMS.

    Originally I had downloaded APNdroid since it has the option to still enable MMS while toggling mobile data. I know that this occurs through the widget adding suffixes to the APN names, but this device only comes with a "T-Mobile US" APN which encompasses both Internet AND MMS.

    So I know you can go in and change the APN type to "internet" only. And I know that you can ADD a new APN. Buuuuut how the heck do I do that?? It asks for name, apn, proxy, port, user name, password, server, etc. I have NO earthly idea what information I need to provide here. Any insight?

  2. d.2.the.p

    d.2.the.p New Member

    So upon further research, it appears that since the release of android 2.1, internet & mms have been under the same APN. If that is the case, is it not possible to separate them without rooting your phone?

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