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  1. rdpollard

    rdpollard New Member

    Just got my Nexus 7, and I'm finding that when I go to the Google Play Video app, there's a tab for "personal videos." When I navigate to it, I see "NO VIDEOS FOUND" and "You can copy videos from your computer using a USB cable." Ok, fine. I connect to my PC and see the folder structure. The thing is, regardless of where I stick an MP4 or M4V (H.264), it never shows up in the Google Play Video app. I have to go to a third-party. Anybody know where these files are supposed to live? Or am I doing something wrong? Documentation for personal video files is a little thin...


  2. brainman1000

    brainman1000 Member

    I put one in /storage/sdcard0/Movies and it showed up in my Google Play personal videos section.
  3. curtisdr

    curtisdr Well-Known Member

    Apparently it doesn't like the format.
  4. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    I place my MP4 video files in the movies folder and they show up and play fine in the stock movies app. They also play in the MX Video Android app.
  5. rdpollard

    rdpollard New Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll go back to figuring out what's so special about my format. I'm just using Handbrake. Shouldn't be an issue.
  6. Markg

    Markg Well-Known Member

    I used handbrake to put some DVDs on my Nexus and it worked fine. I tried the Android mid and Android high settings, both to mp4. I copy/pasted from my PC to my media folder and the videos showed up in 'personal videos'
  7. rootbrain

    rootbrain Well-Known Member

    If you download the free Transformer movie, where does it put it, and in what format?
  8. amagab

    amagab Member

    Anyone know if Google plans to offer storing of personal movies in the cloud and streamed to Google Play Movies just like it does with Google Play Music?
  9. Amaeloeze

    Amaeloeze Well-Known Member

    I'm really hoping for this! it'll make a lot of people really happy!
  10. hoankiem0950

    hoankiem0950 New Member

    I sent my movies to my Google Drive and can watch them on my NEXUS 7 TAB

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