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  1. Ronmio

    Ronmio New Member

    I just picked up my A100 and wanted to add a folders widget and other widgets. In another thread, I saw that someone added a WiFi toggle widget which I also want to do. But, unlike on my Droid 2 smartphone where it is straightforward, I can't figure out how to add new widgets to the handful that Acer has provided.

  2. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    r u on honeycomb still or ics 4.0.3 ;)
  3. Ronmio

    Ronmio New Member

    I'm on 3.2.1. Does ICS address this?
  4. bigbpc

    bigbpc Active Member

    In 3.2 you can press and hold in a empty area, and select widgets from the new menu that slides up. In 4.0, it's available from the apps menu in the top-right corner.
  5. Ronmio

    Ronmio New Member

    I know how to get the the available widgets. Unfortunately, Acer provided very few. The questions is, how do I add widgets to the list of available ones?
  6. bigbpc

    bigbpc Active Member

    They have to be installed, via market or a .apk file. I got "Beautiful Widgets" for free from get jar. GooglePlay has quite a few too, and app category specificly for widgets. Hope this helps. I did a search on GooglePlay for "folder widget" and found one called "app folder".
  7. Ronmio

    Ronmio New Member

    My tablet announced that it had an update for me so I now have ICS (4.0.3). I have now found that the OS does put "apps" that are described on Google Play as widgets into the Widgets category under Apps. Case closed.:)

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