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  1. freeperjim

    freeperjim Active Member

    New owner (3 days) of One-X+ and really love it...but one question and one comment:

    1. ATT rep told me OK to start using immediately. Alas, I discovered this website and learned the battery should be charged completely before using. Sigh...

    2. Adding widgets is becoming quite the challenge. I can add an app from Google Play & add the widget to a homepage. But when I touch the widget, I get error message,

    Battery Solo widget:
    "You started program with launch icon. Do NOT use the progrm icon! Install the widget!

    Data Counter widget:
    To use this widget you should go to home screen and add it either by long clicking on an empty spot on your wallpaper (or by pressing Menu aand then clicking Add) and select Data Counter.

    Although i have successfully added the widgets to my homepage, is there a secret handshake to get them functioning?

    Thanks in advance, y'all!


  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    In your case the battery widget should only open to settings. The data counter might be running but can be accessed by pulling down the notification bar above. At least my data manager works that way. Check and see.
  3. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Well-Known Member

    Sorry if I am missing something but.... If you download an app from Google play which has an associated widget this automatically goes into your widget drawer. Long press on an empty area of home screen and then press the bottom left button marked widgets you can then select the one you want.

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