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  1. mremixer

    mremixer Active Member

    I am after an address book/phone book for my Acer iconia a500.

    The ones I have found are not compatible due to the iconia not having a sim card/phone built in.

    I don't own a mobile phone & have no use for 1. I would however like to store names, addresses, phone numbers etc of friends & family on my tablet.

    The strange thing is the tablet comes with CONTACTS app which is a phone application yet due to the tablet not having a phone it is kinda useless & won't let me store/add anything!

    Has anybody come across anything that could be of some use for this purpose?

    Thanks for any help:D

  2. jnealand

    jnealand Member

    The contacts app works, but I do not like it since it syncs with google contacts and I do not want my contacts synced to google. I would also like to be able to sync my contacts with my computer just like I do on my phone. On the phone I have a choice of google contacts or phone contacts and I just use phone contacts.
  3. mremixer

    mremixer Active Member

    I have no Google contacts & the people I want to store are not for sharing/syncing I want a stand alone database.

    Either way I have been unable to store anything in the CONTACTS app so cannot say if its any good or not because its unusable as it is.

    If you know how to add info to it then please explain as I'm obviously missing a trick :)
  4. Feejaybee

    Feejaybee New Member

    mremixer, did you find an app for an Address Book?

    I would like the same thing, as I also have no interest in having a phone.
  5. deeenvy

    deeenvy New Member

    I am bumping this one. It seems there is a demand for a stand alone address book app.

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