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ADHOC wifi connection problemSupport

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  1. Digitalevil

    Digitalevil Active Member

    Dear mates,

    I noticed on my Motorola Milestone 2.1, that ADHOC networks doesn't appear on the regular wifi settings :mad:, I cannot connect to my laptop for internet sharing :mad: (notebook to phone)

    Anyone noticed this problem or is it me ?


  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I used my Milestone to tether for a few weeks back in February and it worked fine on my PC.
  3. Digitalevil

    Digitalevil Active Member


    Using wifi analizer and wifi connector, when I tried to connect to my adhoc network, it says: AdHoc network not supported by Android platform :(
  4. aussiebum

    aussiebum New Member

  5. webvan

    webvan Active Member

  6. mephisto_desire

    mephisto_desire New Member

    same problem... and no solution found yet
  7. webvan

    webvan Active Member

  8. fakhrul_coy

    fakhrul_coy New Member

    not connected on ad hoc
    what wpa_suplicant support from my droid gYoung :(
    need help

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