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  1. sjdomin

    sjdomin Member

    Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of the touchscreen on the A100? I'm finding it almost impossible to input text (especially passwords) without all kinds of errors coming up: extra characters, erractic characters. Sometimes characters are entered if my finger just gets near the screen. Would appreciate any help.

  2. youngtwan

    youngtwan New Member

    jus use a touch screen calibration app bro thats your best bet .. or better yet grab the flexreaper r0m and call it a day u wont have any problems im runnin it now smooth fast and no damn touch screen problems lol
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  3. schillerA100

    schillerA100 Member

    I am new to Android as I have been an Apple person but I recently dumped my iPad for the a100 which I love. One of the little thongs that I wish were better is the screens sensitivity, not so much to my fingers but to a capacitive stylus. The writing programs that I have tested you have to press way to hard and a line will have lots of skips in it. Now when I used my finger the line is continuous and works great. I was surprise that I actually like using a stylus sometimes and have tried different stylus and several different a100's with the same result. Would the recommendation of a screen calibration app help with this or am I missing something in thee settings? If these questions aren't linked I will start a new thread.

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