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admire keeps resetting and bugging outSupport

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  1. jdang89

    jdang89 New Member

    ive had this phone for almost a year now and the other day i tried to turn off the screen by clicking the power button and it reset instead. the battery was at around 24 % and instantly went to 0%. ever since then i have not been able to use the power button to turn off my screen and the screen will flicker and restart the phone. i tried hard resetting it but it didnt seem to help. any suggestions?

  2. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    My second admire did the same thing. Then the battery % was never correct again. It would think it was at 0% after just being at 45% and then turn off. Then it might come back on at 39% when I turned it back on. Drove me batty. I downloaded the Cool Tool app so I'd at least know the actual remaining battery charge, but that didn't help much when the Admire decided it didn't agree. After a few weeks and my second disappointing Admire, I couldn't take it anymore. Good luck!
  3. darkwispr

    darkwispr Well-Known Member

    Try some battery saving guides, also you should have been more careful charging your phone and constantly turning it off. Try completely wasting battery, while making it heat a lot (Download, High Memory games (3D recomm.) and when your phone turns off charge it and not turn on until full charge, keeps electrons running just like an iOS but you know... Also battery life depletes by time... so you know the phone may detect something battery maybe another. You can also replace battery?
  4. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums jdang89
    Perhaps the phone is defective(even though you have had it over a year):(

    As Notadmiring said he encountered the same problem-a trip to a Metro corporate store might be in order.
  5. Doja

    Doja Member

    I seem to have the same problem, My home button also wasn't working, nor could i just turn off my screen with the side button. It wouldn't work at all or it would reset the phone. My phones been restarting by itself for almost a week now.
  6. lee1418

    lee1418 Member

    I too have had the same problem and can't find no solution unfortunately..
  7. Jezikahs

    Jezikahs Member

    My phone was acting up a month ago. Power button would not turn screen off, the phone reset itself several times. It had to many issues to explain. I took it in, and the update to 2.3.6 fixed the issues. Maube check your phone for version? Take it in to update it.
  8. KageBeast

    KageBeast Well-Known Member

    You don't have to take it in to update it. You can just download the update tool from the samsung website and update it yourself

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