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  1. BannFromTV

    BannFromTV Member

    Can i use Monster 4.0 on my cricket vitality? Like can i use it and keep all my full working features ( call text and data)? would i also still be able to keep the same data settings as i have now.

  2. theevildead84

    theevildead84 Well-Known Member

    Those sorts of roms are are based on the CM7 port for Admire by Req as far as I know ( Thread here: http://androidforums.com/admire-all...om-cwm-kernel-cm7-2-rc1-requisite0-beta2.html ) and I never could get data to work, even when flashing the cricket APN, for Req's rom or the others posted for Admire. Everything else works, calls/texts, etc... But it will lack a few of the things that are mentioned in the CM7 beta2 Admire thread by Req and data unless you somehow get it to work.

    So if anyone gets data working with the admire CM7 for our Vitality please let me know but I had no luck.

    In short they're not worth your time unless you get the data working for it somehow. Hoping in the final version of Req's CM7 port that data is good to go for our Vitality's.
  3. BannFromTV

    BannFromTV Member

    :) ty for the reply, and did did u try updating by dialing the *288 or something like that
  4. theevildead84

    theevildead84 Well-Known Member

    Yup. Gave it a few tries on separate roms just to be sure I didn't mess anything up. No data. Just calls/texts. Hopefully when there's a new release of Req's CM7 port it will come with data fixes and data will work for Vitality users.

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