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  1. usml

    usml Active Member

    I'd like to hear other developers' experience with AdMob, are you satisfied with them?
    I find that AdMob ads are very limited, mostly advertising for other Android apps. In their API, there's this call AdView.setKeywords(String), I call it with what user is interested in, such as "hotel", "restaurant", and hoping to get ads related to those keywords. Unfortunately the ads are still the usually few: "meet singles", "improve your battery", etc.
    Something I'm not doing correctly, or it's just AdMob?
    Is there any other ad provider as alternative? Someone mentioned Google/Adsense before, but now that AdMob is bought by Google, they seem to be the only thing for Android.

    thanks for any reply/comments.

  2. usml

    usml Active Member

  3. leefisher

    leefisher Member

    I haven't had much joy :(. I was hoping it would be straight forward. I have published one app on the market "LGF Card Counter Lite" but I've never managed to get it to show an advert. I think there's some necessary steps missing from their instructions.

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