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  1. This is an android based AdMob reporting tools. This is useful for developers or anyone who is using admob to monetize a mobile application.

    This version is the beta (very stable, just that I want more features):
    It allows you to see the summary of all your sites and group activity by Today, Last 7 days or Last 30 days.

    This is not just a WebView hack. This tool pulls your data from Admob in the background and then serves it up to the client.

    Coming soon:
    • Details about a site and all 27 metrics that AdMob uses.
    • Graphing

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  2. Sorry for the false start.

    New users, EVERYONE but me, would get an error on start because your database is empty. In development I created mine so never got the error.

    Should be fixed with publish 1.3

  3. The detail screen is now in. I have included images of the 22 points of data.

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