Adobe Flash Compatible?General

  1. androidboy15

    androidboy15 Active Member

    Is this device compatible with adobe flash? and if it is, is it already installed on our phones? thanks!

  2. lewishamilton

    lewishamilton Member

    yes it supports...first download adobe flash player from google play store... that should do the job
  3. Rapture81g

    Rapture81g Well-Known Member

  4. androidboy15

    androidboy15 Active Member

    No luck. Is their not any downloads of flash on the internet
  5. Rapture81g

    Rapture81g Well-Known Member

    scroll down to this

    " Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives
    Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 ("

    that's the one i currently use
  6. ardchoille

    ardchoille Well-Known Member

    Adobe has abandoned flash development for mobile devices.
  7. androidboy15

    androidboy15 Active Member

    I got one off of xda and works thanks guys
  8. BlackGTNinja

    BlackGTNinja Member

    It's on Aptoide too... Just Search Flash Player
  9. RedStorm2k12

    RedStorm2k12 Active Member

    Only seems to work on the default android browser and not on others like chrome.
  10. rlugo29

    rlugo29 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the archived version but it doesn't seem to be working. Well, at least not for what I'm trying to do. This phone is not compatible with the Papa Pear game app. So I'm trying to play it from their website, but it requires flash. So I installed the archived version. However, when I go to the website, It's still telling me I need flash.
  11. starxpilot

    starxpilot Well-Known Member

    Well, this certainly is going to suck because I removed the default Android Browser.

    Google Chrome SHOULD be the Default Browser, not a third party apk in my opinion, after all, it is all Google.

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