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Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on Ascend

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  1. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    well after playing with my phone again, i decided to install Flash player and i took a pic of it to show all. and if anyone needs the file i will send to you, or if its ok with the Admin/Mods i will post my megaupload link.


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  2. lumberjack_ian

    lumberjack_ian Active Member

    and how's it working for ya?
  3. la sal

    la sal Well-Known Member

    I've read that others have installed it successfully but it won't play.
  4. Lennatron

    Lennatron Well-Known Member

    I can get it to install fine but no websites or apps detect as being installed.
  5. Swagg422

    Swagg422 Well-Known Member

    from what i understand and have read it doesnt work on the ascend and most phones with android 2.1. If your using it so you can watch videos in browser you should try Skyfire before it turns into a paid app.
  6. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    im running icarus and it seem's there's no problem on my end, but give me a site that require this and i will test it.
  7. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    They are going to start charging for skyfire? I hadn't heard about that.
  8. la sal

    la sal Well-Known Member


    Test it on the Clone Wars videos.
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  9. NorCaL28

    NorCaL28 Member

    @Nutmeg...How did you change your status bar to look like that?? looks cool man
  10. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

  11. r0ckstarr

    r0ckstarr Well-Known Member

    Just looked up Skyfire. Does it revolve around facebook? Reading the description for it, it seems that facebook is all that it is about. I don't do facebook and have no use for facebook. Besides Flash, is there any other advantages to Skyfire?
  12. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    no, it doesnt revolve around fb. it has an icon for it built in but thats really all.

    other +'s include beter download management. if stock cant dl/d it skyfire may be able to. runs a little faster too because the info is compressed on their servers before being sent to you. not all grainy like some other browsers either.
  13. shutterpoet

    shutterpoet Well-Known Member

  14. shutterpoet

    shutterpoet Well-Known Member

    Awesome. Didn't like icarus' color scheme.
  15. NorCaL28

    NorCaL28 Member

  16. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    lol, at least you didn't get the reboot and uim error like i did....

    should have warned you... sorry.
  17. NorCaL28

    NorCaL28 Member

    No Problem man, I was like oh #%$^!! lol, so I restored my backup for 2.2 in cwm and it showed the same...no network connection still...I thought I was screwed, I flashed back to my stock 2.1 rom and I got my network back haha....Then I flashed back to my 2.2 rom and the network reconnected...so uhhh....I'll pass on the metamorph for now lol
  18. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    they have 2 version, one for eclair and the other one for 2.2 froyo, i think you might have flash the wrong version, 2.2 has a different setup than 2.1.

    Installation for Froyo+ 2.2.1 users:

    Easy way, using a PC:
    1. Download files provided.
    2. open the .zip of your ORIGINAL stock Froyo+ 2.2.1 ROM.
    3. Take framework-res.apk and paste it into the zip.
    4. Overwrite the original file.
    5. Boot into recovery
    6. Select "update from zip on sdcard"
    7. Choose your NEW Froyo+ zip file you added the apk into.
    8. Select update.
    9. Boot into 2.2
    10. Your theme should now be applied.

    HARD way, using your phone:
    1. Open root explorer.
    2. Find the copy of your original Froyo+ zip.
    3. Long press, Extract all.
    4. Place framework-res.apk into the proper folder.
    5. Rezip
    6. Apply through CWM
    7. boot, tada.

    IMPORTANT: 2.2.1 version seems to have a bug where the text will not turn white.


    Froyo+ 2.2.1 version [ Clockwork MOD ] [CREDIT TO DARKLG]
    Download AscendRED.rar - BitShare.com - Free File Sharing and Storage


    Phone.apk themed

    Settings.apk themed (properly)

    SmartKB Pro/HTC Ime Skin

    Graphical Updates
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  19. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Yeah - sorry, no.

    Flash is copyrighted, so we frown on download links outside of the Market or similarly-accepted legal paths.

    (Looks like the problem's solved tho. ;))

    IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - I'm only skimming these threads, so if this is out of whack, apologies in advance.

    Many of us played Flash tricks before getting our official 2.2/Froyo. Here's the deal - if you're doing Flash tricks and you're not on a real 2.2/Froyo, then ensure you've cleared data and uninstalled this before getting your Froyo update (custom rom or Huawei official) - trust me, if this applies to you, I've just saved you a WHOLE WORLD of pain. ;) :)
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  20. Bastich3169

    Bastich3169 Member

    what exactly do you mean by flash tricks?
  21. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to step in here and say that Flash 10.1 WILL NOT WORK ON THE ASCEND. You may download and install it, but the hardware requirements for it are higher than what the Ascend has. I believe it's been stated all over that it requires an ARM7 CPU with as high as 1Ghz speeds, while the Ascend has an ARM6 at a stock 528Mhz.
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  22. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I am tired of responding to this.
  23. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Trying to force a phone not known to be Flash-capable into running Flash.
  24. wisepegasus

    wisepegasus Member

    I know flash player can work on this phone because I tried IGN Advertisement before upgrading my ROM using the Skyfire browser and it was a no go.

    After downloading "flash_for_21.apk" IGN's site played everything under the sun for me.

    So now I know it's possible to install flash player.
    It's just hit or miss for it to actually work, due to the fact its not a supported phone for Adobe compatibility list.

    Now I'm using Dolphin with Gingerbread and its a no go. (Might try Skyfire again)

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  25. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    What about Ascend running 2.2?

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