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  1. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    I know there are reports out there that adobe flash is on other carrier versions of the Optimus, but has anyone figured a way to get it for the Optimus S? I do not have a rooted phone nor do I ever intend to root my phone to get flash if that is the only way. I tried skyfire and dolphin but it is still really slow compared to my stock browser. There is not an app on the market for Adobe Flash player. Anyone have it??

  2. rumplesteelskin

    rumplesteelskin Well-Known Member

    I found and downloaded one from a google search it wouldnt install. i dont want to root either
  3. mpal1131

    mpal1131 New Member

    Dear Sir,
    I m using samsung galaxy GT i 7500 moblie phone, kindly advise me how can I install flash player in my mobile phone
  4. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    After much research I found out that flash will never work on the Optimus S. Needs a higher processor to work. There is also something the flash requires. I forgot the name but it is some version of something. Needs "7" to run flash. We only have "6" on the optimus S.
  5. kahale

    kahale Well-Known Member

    yes we have armv6 processors flash requires at least a armv7. you can probably get the apk of flash installed but the processor cannot read the code set. so unless adobe decided to re write the code so that our arm6 processor can read the optimus s will never run it. if u really want to run full verison of flash i suggest you take this phone back and get one that supports it. Htc Evo and shift Samsung Epic are the only phones on sprint that can run it at this time.
  6. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    No thanks. I love my optimus. Evo and Epic are cool, but too costly especially with the $10 unicorn 4G tariff.
  7. rumplesteelskin

    rumplesteelskin Well-Known Member

    i agree:)
  8. yfan

    yfan Well-Known Member

    Hmm I don't really find Skyfire slower than the stock browser though (on my Optimus S). Skyfire is actually built on the same codebase as the stock browser, so the speeds should actually be pretty comparable.
  9. rick00770

    rick00770 Active Member

    well iv used it for about 3 weeks now , it freezes sometime, stuttter a little, i just got to have flash , cause i research and watch movies on some sites, thing i might trade up for epic or evo, optimus is great little phone, just too mid range for me,
  10. LightyKD

    LightyKD Well-Known Member

    Do what's best for you but for me , Skyfire does a great job with embedded flash video. heck, even their latest 2.X version for 1.6 and under devices does a damned good job. The only thing we really need flash for is Justin.TV -lets be honest. Unless you;re watching people play video games, UStream sucks ass! I wish there was another "live" video streaming site that had a Android app. The Justin.TV app is only for broadcasting, not watching :( -lucky iPhone bastards!
  11. rick00770

    rick00770 Active Member

    well looks like im gonna be staying with my optimus s after all, I diddnt get to trade up before my 30 days ran out, but im cool with that, its a great little phone, im getting more used to it now, im gonna try that skyfire, I had the iphone 4 and was bored with it, just left me wanting versatility of android, cant deny it was smooth, by time im eligeble for upgrade there should be some super good phones out, I like the optomus 2x so far, but im looking for sprint to get the iphone in next few months, iphone 5 should be nice, thanks for info on skyfire.
  12. rick00770

    rick00770 Active Member


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