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  1. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Well-Known Member

    I bought this phone for my wife last weekend and I'm really happy with it. But we just noticed while viewing a web page that we couldn't view a flash video. I looked in the market and Adobe Flash doesn't even appear, which suggests this device isn't supported yet.

    I thought all froyo and upwards devices ran Adobe Flash, is it because of the processor speed? Does anyone know if they will be releasing a version of Flash for it?

    Can we install the Adobe flash apk manually?

  2. smooshkissxx

    smooshkissxx Member


    I also had a look on the market and it seems we can't get it yet. I've been googling but can't see any articles about being able to get it anytime soon. How frustrating!
  3. gyzmo34

    gyzmo34 New Member

    go to app market and install dolphin browser mini. when you'll access a website with flash content you'll see a download button for it
  4. jmills01

    jmills01 New Member

    I'm thinking of buying one of these and the Flash player support is the only issue I can see after doing some very thorough research.

    I notice that Opera Mobile browser says it supports Flash. Is that another way of getting Flash support for the ChaCha?

    If not, does anybody know of any plans to release Flash for the ChaCha or any other way of getting it, please?
  5. ethancottier

    ethancottier New Member

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