Adreno 320 vs PowerVR SGX544MP3General

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  1. adz63

    adz63 Well-Known Member

    Ok i was under the impression that the PowerVR was pretty much top dog at the moment ..

    how do both the above compare with each other?

    is there huge difference

  2. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    We don't really know yet, but take a look at the preview below and pay attention to the iPhone 5 results which use the PowerVR SGX543MP3.
    Bare in mind that on the iPhone 5 they are clocked at 325MHz, on the S4 they will clocked at 533MHz.

    AnandTech | The iPhone 5 Performance Preview
  3. AndroidS3

    AndroidS3 Well-Known Member

    Power vr 544 is better:
    And like the person said above the galaxy s4 will be clocked higher than the iphone so these scores would be higher fornthe GS4

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