ADT12 problems with xml code

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    I am a newcomer on Android developer's community, I wish to post in the correct place this time my message.
    I used eclipse helios with ADT 10.1 and it worked fine till I updated to ADT12 and sdk tools 12.
    The problem is that when I try to edit an xml file, especially the layout.

    If I use the autocomplete code with the panel opening with ctrl+space bar and select an option it sets in place but also erase 13 digit onward causing the rest of the code corrupted.
    I tried to reinstall both eclipse and adt but nothing.
    I also installed Indigo version of eclipse and is the same...does someone have an idea how to fix it? I cannot reinstall ADT 10.1 cause isn't available on android site as well as the sdk tools 10.
    Thank you for helping
    Angelo :confused:

  2. wocmultimedia

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    Maybe these screen shot can help you better understand my problem


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