Adult websites permanantly restricted on 3?!

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  1. tiggybear

    tiggybear New Member

    I have just realised I had this problem but a few searches on Three's site and I found a page that states that they are improving access to all by removing this restriction filter. The removal states it is from March for a selection of phones and from July for all phones.
    I'm new to this forum so will attempt to paste Three's statement here. If this doesn't work then go to the Three support site and search on "Age restricted websites on your iphone".
    I rang them today and got the bar lifted on my Sony X8.

    Accessing age restricted websites on your iPhone.
    Why can’t I access certain websites, such as gambling or adult sites?
    Our network uses filters to block access to age restricted websites, including adult content, gambling, some personal blogs and file-sharing sites. We’re now updating the way we handle internet traffic to improve the experience for all our customers so you’ll get open internet access without filters.
    From March 2011, you will have open internet access on these smartphones. You also need be over 18 and not have an active filter set up on your account. If your phone is not on the list, please bear with us while we update our data settings. You’ll have open internet access on any phone from July 2011.
    Note that you need to be over 18 to have the filters removed. If you’re on Pay As You Go and you haven’t previously been age-verified to use the Top Shelf service, you’ll need to have a credit card in your name to remove the filter.

    Why do I sometimes get blocked, but at other times I can view the same site?
    We’re updating the way we route internet traffic on our network. While we’re doing this work, you may occasionally get routed through a path that blocks access to certain websites. If this happens, switch off your phone and then switch it on again, or switch it into flight-safe mode and then back – this will reset the connection. This is a temporary problem and shouldn’t happen after 11 April 2011.

    How can I apply a filter to block access to age restricted websites?
    All you need to do is text FILTER to 33333. The filter will be applied within 72 hours.
    Note: if you’re using a BlackBerry, we can’t apply a filter on your phone. This is because BlackBerries use different settings to access the internet.

    How do I remove the filter?
    As long as you’re over 18 and using a phone that’s listed below, just call us on 333 and we’ll do this for you.
    If you’re on Pay As You Go and haven’t previously been age-verified to use the Top Shelf service, you’ll need to have a credit card in your name to remove the filter.
    Open internet access will at first become available on these smartphones. If you don’t have one of the phones on the list, please bear with us while we update our data settings. You’ll have open internet access on any phone from July 2011.

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  2. bladesman

    bladesman Active Member

    Thanx for this info tiggy, I went to the 3 blog site & there is a dedicated post which if your not familiar with the site lets you respond (the mods frequently respond to posts and its a very friendly site) to the topic in question.

    So my 3 contract allows me 1gig Internet per month which I bumped up to an extra 2 gig just to be safe for another
  3. mailroomman

    mailroomman Well-Known Member

    Or just download opera mini cuts out filtering job done .
    Then you can porn yourself silly LOL
  4. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    This works on my Galaxy S2 so I guess it will work on others. Don't ask me why it works, I found it out while playing around with different browsers.

    First you need to download Dolphin hd AND Dolphin mini. Then you need to set the useragent for both browsers to desktop.

    Dolphin HD will now bypass the restrictions.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    I don't think it was actually the above suggestion that worked. Just a coincidence that the restrictions were removed after I did that.
    I had sent 3 a complaint about this but didn't get a response so forgot all about it. But some new settings have appeared on my phone so I guess it caught their attention.
    So set your APN to,supl,mms and it should work.
  6. Llllukkkaaasss

    Llllukkkaaasss New Member

    Helllooo every one about the restricted......alll you have to do is download opera mini browser and uou can access any site you want
  7. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Yeah but the opera mini browser sucks
  8. Syn-xx

    Syn-xx New Member

    NEITHER of these methods worked for me. And all those stating its as simple as using opera mini twice I've downlownloaded it, and ive run it the above apn modifications neither time could it bypass 3's filter.
  9. johnh10000

    johnh10000 Member

    I just tried the apn switch, on a wildfire. it failed here too :( I'll give 'em a bell later.

    As I am using the portable hotspot, I am not going to try opera mini.
  10. thegwenethpalt

    thegwenethpalt New Member

    Yep having same problem as you all....

    I've had the 30day rolling one-plan for almost 3 months, suffice to say I verified proof of age with credit card details etc and 3 have debited the 99p for 'top-shelf' problems until today!

    Yesterday I gave them a PAC code for my old Virgin phone number to transfer over to 3 network which takes 24hrs to process...guess what, surprise, surprise today the topshelf restricted page comes up for dozens of sites where hither to had no problems accessing.
    Funnily enough it asks for my credit card details again wont accept them, but allowed me to change my pin??

    Will phone 3 tomorrow and let you know what the outcome cant be off one minute and on the next, thats just inconsistent policy on 3's part....I'll follow Placidmaster' tactics or just cancel and get another 30day rolling one-plan sim and cancel this one: a pain as a work around and I dont get to keep my old number!!!
  11. johnh10000

    johnh10000 Member

    Rang 3. within reason, in about 24 hrs (they said 4) access what I like.
  12. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    Any ways?
  13. sbreadon

    sbreadon New Member

    U have to call 3 and they have to unlock the internet for u. I told them my previous contract was unlimited so they gave me unlimited interet for free.
  14. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    What is calling 3?

    My country government blocked some sites. I can access via desktop changing dns etc but from mobile,i cant do that.
  15. dharma666

    dharma666 New Member

    I called 3 customer services and asked them to remove the filter, which they did. They were reluctant at first but then I got all serious with them. I told them I was trying to access but was being forwarded to 3's 18-Restricted page, which was offering a list of 3's own adult content. I told them that it was unacceptable for them to try and sell me pornography when I was trying to access a dictionary website. They took my point and removed the filter.
  16. 2wmobile

    2wmobile Member

    I just rang three up and asked them to remove it - took 2 minutes
  17. jo4eva

    jo4eva New Member

  18. jo4eva

    jo4eva New Member

    youre lucky she wouldnt do it for me
  19. jo4eva

    jo4eva New Member

    i downloaded the opera mini it didnt work for me sites are still restricted.
  20. Bunders

    Bunders New Member

    Three seems to be blocking purchases through veripayment which is rather annoying as I don't feel comfortable entering credit card details through the TOR network and have no other internet access.

    I tried the 3internet APN and that didn't work for me.

    What's the latest advice? Give them a call?


  21. Kuchiku

    Kuchiku Member

    Just use a vpn on your android to bypass those restrictions :)
  22. DrAndy

    DrAndy New Member

    Hey guys,I tried changing my apn as instructed above. It works fine. However I was wondering if it is legal. Going into the 3 app I realised that the network now thinks that my phone is a dongle,meaning I was unable to log in to any account as I do not have broadband. My programme entitles me to as much as I can eat data and some free talks and messanges.yet at some point I even managed to make a phonecall to a phone number abroad.I guess I could also make calls to uk numbers without being charged.Switching back to the original settings everything worked fine ( my balance was 0 pounds as before,my programme was the same) but of course the restriction reappeared.
  23. kebark

    kebark Well-Known Member

  24. militis123

    militis123 New Member

    Can't believe the 3 network, did'nt tell me this when i sighned up for there service, not just adult material there blocking, cant access any proxy sites, blocking nearly every site with the word proxy in it, where is 3 based "China". will advise everyone i know not to go with the 3 network.
  25. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    use opera mini. if that doesnt work get tor for android and orweb

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