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Advanced ace hack kit help!

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  1. TrueGeeks

    TrueGeeks New Member

    Ok, so i have the HTC Inspire 4G and im trying to root it. Ive decided on Advanced ace hack kit. When i attempt to download and extract via winrar it wont let me. I have also tried 7-zip. Im not sure what the problem is. Both programs say that the file has an error. HELP!!!

  2. james515

    james515 Well-Known Member

    did you download it from the correct site?
    [TOOL] Advanced ACE Hack Kit (13012012) - xda-developers

    I just rooted my inspire last night, and all I can say is to read the effin manual (the mention that a lot in the help file for a reason) I do dnot pay attention and got stuck on one step, until i READ THE EFFIN MANUAL :D
  3. TrueGeeks

    TrueGeeks New Member

    Yes, i downloaded it from there. I download the file as a zip and try to extract it and it says, "Can not open file".
  4. TheGoldfish

    TheGoldfish New Member

    Don't extract it. Did you read the effen manual that they tell you to read like a thousand times?
  5. tyler79durdan

    tyler79durdan Well-Known Member

    If youve read the EFFIN MANUAL, you would know that the OP is willing to help via IRC.. Jump in there and hell can help you. Find the link in the OP. Just sayin...

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