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Advanced Task Manager: Best Task Manager on Android

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  1. OnPointPro

    OnPointPro New Member

    Advanced Task Manager combines a task manager, application manager, and uninstaller in one sleek interface. It also has a home screen widget to kill all running applications with one press. I especially like the uninstaller feature which allows you to batch uninstall and gives you direct access to your applications without having to go through multiple menus. For .99 it's a real bargain. Sleek interface, home screen widget, and uninstaller make this a must have. I've used other task managers and uninstaller programs and this one by far is the best of the bunch. When you combine both functions into the same application together, you've got a real winner.

  2. spsick

    spsick Member

    hi,Just switched from the intercept to the optimus and optimus does not come with a task manager like the intercept has since the update. looked in the market and can't seem to find it,really like this app. anyone know were to find it.
  3. gramme

    gramme New Member

    My husband and I both have Samsung Captivate Android 2.2 Galaxy S phone...we bought the purchased version for $3.99 after using the free one for only 1/2 day! AWESOME...We no longer have a need for the seven homepages...only use the task manager. I will not ever be without it...now my smart phone is MUCH SMARTER :D

    Give it a try you will not go back.
    Donna aka gramme
  4. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

  5. hiwatt

    hiwatt Well-Known Member

    Read the post above yours. It's accurate. Task killers are a waste of time. Android phones are not windows phones, they don't need a task killer.
  6. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    You actually use MORE battery with task killers. You do not understand how Android is designed to work. Basically, let Android handle things, it's very good at it. Use the forum search and you'll find a multitude of posts explaining all this.
  7. Rocknrotty

    Rocknrotty New Member

    Just received the new GS2 X or hercules and it comes with a task killer built in its called TASK MANAGER so why is this installed from factory if not needed?
  8. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    It's there just in case a poorly coded app gets 'stuck' and doesn't close out automatically as it should. Very rare, you may never have it happen.

    Just let Android handle closing apps for you. It does an excellent job.
    Rocknrotty likes this.
  9. YourNameHere

    YourNameHere Active Member

    That atk app is terrible. Download juice defender. MUCH better, I promise.
  10. CNITB4

    CNITB4 New Member

    I tried juice defender and kept getting kicked off the data network without knowing (the settings showed as connected but without a green check box). I knew I wasn't connected 'cause I couldn't connect to the market. Once I deleted it. I was back in business. I think you absolutely need something to kill the apps that keep running that you don't use - if you don't have a rooted phone and can't get rid of the bloatware.
  11. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Why use ANY task manager? Not needed, waste of battery.
  12. phlyphish

    phlyphish Member

    How bout this.

    I need and use Touchdown because it's the ONLY way for me to sync with Exchange. It has a Database compaction service that runs and really takes the juice out of my battery. Touchdown doesn't provide a way to disable it.

    Any task manager uses less battery than the Touchdown service. And please don't try to solve my problem by suggesting other alternatives to Touchdown. I've been over every aspect of that and for my situation, there are no alternatives. So there really are some smart people out here who have some genuine need for a task manager.

    And I'll bet there just might be a few other real needs out there as well. Too bad we don't all live in your tiny little world.
  13. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Touchdown sounds like a lousy app that fails to cache itself and run in the background properly. Android has a built-in task manager just for such poorly coded apps. But this is a rare case.

    Most users will never need and should not use a task killer and there is plenty of info explaining why this is so. A waste of time and battery. Normally Android does a fine job of handling processes and memory management automatically.

    Edit: Doesn't Touchdown have an option to run at set intervals instead of contstantly?

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