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  1. chimera15

    chimera15 Member

    I'm sure there are a million threads on this...and I've searched but haven't found much. My moment will absolutely not connect to my computer. I've been working on this thing trying to get it to connect for a week now, and read just about every article on the web I can find about them. Yes I've done the usb debugging thing over and over, rebooted the phone, and computer over and over again. Nothing works. As far as I can tell the phone simply refuses to acknowledge usb. It's not the cord. I have other samsung phones that I use the same cord on that I have no problems with. I have 2 original samsung cables. Done everything I can, and am pretty fed up with it at this point, and pretty much given up.

    I believe the problem relates to the cl14 update, and that it breaks the phone usb capability somehow. Any idea of how to root the phone from the sd card, or install a new rom or firmware without root that would fix this?

  2. chimera15

    chimera15 Member

    alright, fixed my gravity smart...now to get this one working...
  3. chimera15

    chimera15 Member

  4. chimera15

    chimera15 Member

    Temporarily rooted the phone using z4root. None of the other rooting apps seem to work at all, but z4root seems to work for temp permissions, until it reboots, which allows me to access the base files at least.

    I'm actually thinking of trying to replace the system files on the phone manually using a phone that works since it's become pretty apparent to me that there is some corruption based on that article, and not being able to access things I can in other phones.

    The one thing that really worries me that is that dmesg on this phone doesn't seem to even show any kind of connect event, besides charging. I can see on the other phones I have that there are a lot more events going on than with this phone, but no errors are shown either...so I'm not sure if something is just missing, or there actually is physical damage to the usb port. I took the phone apart and could see no obvious sign. I suppose I need to continuity test them. Based on that article though it's clear to me that at least some official updates do have connectivity issues that are solvable.

    Is it just me or is this site pretty much dead? At least for older phones?
  5. HeadlessPonch

    HeadlessPonch Well-Known Member

    Yeah. You might be better off trying over at sdx. There's still a pretty active group over there.

    When you say you can't connect at all, does that also include download mode when running the updater on your computer?
  6. chimera15

    chimera15 Member

    Yup, can't upload any new roms or firmware, which is what really sucks.
  7. chimera15

    chimera15 Member

    Might have found a solution to flashing kernels and such using a program called flash image gui. Now I just need a good moment kernel..I guess crappy kernel.
  8. chimera15

    chimera15 Member

    Nope, think I bricked it tried to flash crappykernel, but it asked to reboot I think probably in the middle of it, then nothing comes up but the samsung logo on reboot.

    ...especially with it not coming up on usb....no way to reflash it now that I can find.... Need to use an update.zip for the kernel now probably?

    ..but not sure where to get one that will work.
  9. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Is your recovery a custom recovery, and is it working?

    If so, use SwiFTP server app to connect to your PC on a wifi network, and transfer files that way.

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