AdvancedLauncer force close loop after 2.1 upgrade.Support

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  1. velocityinstereo

    velocityinstereo New Member

    Immediately after finishing the install of official 2.1 on my Backflip, it became stuck in a force close loop that's trying to close AdvancedLauncher. I can't get anything done on it. I've googled my issue extensively and came up with nothing specific to my issue.
    Any ideas?
    What are my options?

  2. velocityinstereo

    velocityinstereo New Member

    Shut off. Then held power and camera. When prompted, release camera button. Pushed down. Display reads out: VOLUME DOWN BUTTON PRESSED. 15 second later I saw a "!" inside a triangle next to a phone. Tapped bottom right corner of the screen. This brought up a menu, from which I selected the option to perform a factory reset. It booted up fine and I log into my MOTO Blur account. I still had the official 2.1 upgrade .zip file on the SD card when I did this. It has automatically installed the 2.1 upgrade.

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