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Advent Amico Tablet ??General

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    MCHALO New Member

    Hi guys i have a Advent Amico tablet for some time, i have been looking for update for my tablet at the moment its Firmware is 2.1 is there a way that i can make it into a 2.2 please help me out :(

    the second thing is there a app for flash player because i have downloaded so much but at the end it says it wont install :(. i was reading the 2.2 will support flash player thats why i want to upgrade it

    thanks in advance :)

  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    Typically there are two ways of getting an upgrade to a laptop, the hardware manufacturer releasing the update, and an Android developer releasing a custom ROM for the specific device. Because there are hardware differences from one device to the next, custom updates need to be developed for each device.
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  3. carmgal

    carmgal New Member

    Hi, I bought an advent amico 10 days ago, and it's running me mad. i bought this from currys while a visit in uk. this comes with no manual no cd, nothing. just the tablet and a charger.

    now i went back to my home country. and i spent 10 days trying to set this device. this device does sync with gmail contacts and that's all. no syncing with other application, such as google calendar, tasks, just nothing. Also very disappointed with the service from curry's. their answer was call the tech guys. the tech guys, sorry we dont have any data for that model. in advent page dose not show the amico, just the vega.

    this model does not even have the android market.

    does anyone know how to at least make a hard reset to this device? if you know i suggest you to call the tech guys in uk, as they don't know.

    does anyone know some settings for this macine?

  4. SpiritWulffe

    SpiritWulffe New Member

  5. gniewosz

    gniewosz New Member

    hi.so somebody can help with this crapt tablet??
    i have the same problems.i can't download and install flashplayer, android market etc...:(

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