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Advent Vega - already 2.2?General

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  1. Kisser*

    Kisser* Member

    Hi - I'm new to Android and tablets, so a complete noob, haha.

    Just bought an Advent Vega and I've been following the instructions which say to go here:
    Advent | Vega Internet tablet

    ...and complete by downloading the latest update.

    Well, that latest update's name is 1.09 - if I download this, it won't put my tab back to version 1.9 will it?

    I've been on Youtube and BBC iPlayer and both work fine, so obviously Flash is installed - so does it already have 2.2 installed/updated and mean no need to download the above mentioned 'update'?


    Any help appreciated - cheers.

  2. Slipurson

    Slipurson Member

    Registered on the forums to reply to this thread :D

    1.09 is just the version of Advent's firmware, the actual android version wont be affected by upgrading 1.09.

    So it is perfectly safe to upgrade and with 1.09 i think you get flash-support in the actual webbrowser with that version, i myself is still runing om 1.08 but with MoDaCo
  3. Kisser*

    Kisser* Member

    Many Thanks, Slipurson!

    Is that MoDaCo one better to download? I haven't got a clue how to add apps to the Vega - do I just go to Google and search android apps market?

    Cheers again.
  4. Slipurson

    Slipurson Member

    As i have a Point of View Mobii instead of a Advent Vega, but its the same tablets, and i am not sure what applicationdownload-apps there are on the Vega, but there are some places to download apps without Android Market, such as getjar.com and applib.com, also you can download the .apk files to your PC then copy them to the tablets SDCard and install them using iFileManager (that comes with the Vega).

    MoDaCo's firmware is good, and it is fairly easy to install if you have some knowledge in installing drivers and such on your computer.

    Here is a step by step guide on how to do it: Step by step update guide - Android @ MoDaCo
    Read it carefully before you start tho :) the actual flashing aint a problem, getting drivers to work on Windows7 (and i guess Vista) is abit tricky, it needs to be installed as Android Developer Bridge and nothing else, when you connect the tablet in USB Debugging-mode(in the second part of the guide).

    If it fails to install as Android Developer Bridge when following the guide you can try to use an windowsapplication called USBDeview (google, first hit), to see what devices are connected to your PC and just unistall the drivers for Nvidia Tegra 2 tablet and unplug/replug the device then windows will hopefully install it correctly, some ppl needs to do this a couple of times to get it working, no idea why.

    As for the guide, it tells you to update to the latest firmware in the first part, i suggest using 1.08 of advent vega firmware. Because there are some ppl that say that they have had problems with some things on the tablet after applying the custom rom on 1.09.

    If you only get the install of 1.08 working and then no luck on the drivers you can always just download the 1.09 update again and you are back with a stock Vega again.

    Remember that all your personal data on the tablet will be removed when flashing!!
  5. Slipurson

    Slipurson Member

  6. Kisser*

    Kisser* Member

    I've followed the step by step guide to install the 1.09 download - the tablet restarted just like it says it will, but the screen is just a picture of the android robot stood infront of what looks like a white cig packet with a red arrow coming out of it - it's been like this for about 20 mins so far... is it supposed to do this? if so, how long should it stay like that for? Thanks.

    Also, sorry to be a pain, but is there a way of downloading like some sort of bundle of apps? Mainly just want Google Maps with streetview, a PDF reader and Spotify really.
  7. Slipurson

    Slipurson Member

    yeah i get that also when it updates sometimes, reboot the device and see if it starts normaly, if it doesnt, dont be alarmed.

    Download the firmware from advent website here http://www.myadventvega.co.uk/softwareImage_v1.09_Vega_Final.exe turn of the tablet (holding down powerbutton for 6-10 seconds) then hold down backbutton, press powerbutton for two seconds, release powerbutton (PC should not make a connected USB Device sound) and then release backbutton.

    Now you can run the 1.09 image to restore the device to normal state

    here are the official step by step for the original firmware (directly from advent)

    also, if you are not to eager with android market, just do the 1.09 update, skip modaco
  8. Kisser*

    Kisser* Member

    Mine just got stuck - I held down the power button and turned it off, then turned it back on again - I tried installing the software from advent's site again - and again it just showed the pic of the android bot/empty cig packet with a red arrow coming out of it - any reason it keeps getting stuck?

    Is there a way I can get the Android Apps Market? I've got a PDF reader from the Adobe website, but it's rubbish - really glitchy and doesn't zoom in and out very well and shows some pages at the wrong sizes. Can you, or anyone else recommend a decent free PDF reader, please?

    The way the tablet is marketed to people you'd expect to have all the basics like a PDF reader pre-installed on the tablet, surely? For those that have never used Android or had a tablet before, they're not making tablets very accessible...
  9. Slipurson

    Slipurson Member

    Does it get stuck when you try and use the "smaller" update or when you update the whole system with the vega turned off and conected to the PC using the hold "down back button-trick"?

    If you update the tablet with the official way to install 1.09, using the USBcable and not just downloading the small update.

    and when you have gotten the 1.09 updated, go here [Clean Rom Add-On] Rom Add-On For V1.09 Firmware V2 [Updated 23/02/11][Full Market] - xda-developers and there are guides to install market and such. have not done this myself, so i cant give any specifics about this update.
  10. Slipurson

    Slipurson Member

    you can always try http://www.applanet.net/ and install their app, then (atleast their website say that) you can download almost any app that are on Android Market
  11. Kisser*

    Kisser* Member

    Cheers - still haven't been able to update it and the Adobe PDF reader keeps crashing - is this due to the tablet, or is it just the adobe PDF reader isn't very good for tablets? ...if so, can anyone recommend a better PDF reader?

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