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Advice about this battery calibrationSupport

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  1. lavellep

    lavellep Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I like to think of myself as a moderately advanced user but I don't mind admitting I don't have a clue when it comes to this.

    I've recently invested in an Anker 1900 mAh battery for my S2 after reading great reviews online. I was planning on putting it in tonight when I go to bed and giving it its first full charge overnight.

    Here's my question: I'm going to be replacing the stock 1650mAh battery with this so do I need to recalibrate? And if so, what do I need to do and when? What difference will it make?

    I'm rooted and have Titanium Pro and Superuser and all that malarkey.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  3. lavellep

    lavellep Well-Known Member

    Thanks IronAss.

    Is it necessary to calibrate a new extended battery, do you think? Or is it just when you get a new ROM that you need to do it?

  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Just a new ROM really. :D
  5. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    as ironass said, its not really necessary with a new battery.. i usually do it only when i install a new firmware.. but if u like, u can always do it.. its a really easy process :D

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