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  1. scottysattler

    scottysattler New Member

    Hi Guys/girls,
    I have just acquired, through wining a local competition, a brand new HTC incredible s. Im unbelievable happy with it, as expected, but i am after some help and some general advice, as i am new to the world of android

    It is a pre-paid phone, so my carrier has loaded it to the brim with bloatware...on boot up i have around 262mb ram free...after a day or so it loiters 140-180mb ram this normal? It does seem a little low as the phone has around 750mb ram.

    i have beenlooking at putting custom roms onto the phone, but my HBOOT is 2.00.000.. apparently this makes my phone a bit more difficult to achieve s-off. Where would be the best place to start looking for this??? as i have had no luck so far.

    Phone in general runs well...very happy with battery life...although does have laggy putting that down to the bloatware issue which will hopfully be rectified with more ram free.

    my android version is 2.3.5 HTC sence is 3.0 if that helps anyone.

    Like i said,im brand new to android,and these forums...a few mates have put me onto this as a great source of info...hopefully i can get some help as i am loving my new phone!

    Thanks in advice guys

  2. scottysattler

    scottysattler New Member

  3. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    The best place to look for modding your IncS would be the xda-developers forum:

    HTC Incredible S - xda-developers

    In the General section you will find a discussion thread on how to downgrade HBOOT 1.16/2.00 to an older version so that you can then S-OFF. Although there is a script file, you should be well versed in using the Android SDK tools adb and fastboot before you venture down that path.

    Your other option is to 'unlock' HBOOT 2.00 using the procedure at This is the official HTC site and procedure, however, by unlocking your bootloader, you must acknowledge to HTC that this may void your warranty.
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  4. scottysattler

    scottysattler New Member

    hey thanks heaps for your reply, i have gone over there and had a sure i will be able to find something there!

    Also, are you able to comment on my RAM situation? does this seem low? only having 140-180 odd RAM free?? Would bloatware be a factor?

    Thanks in advance
  5. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    I was concerned at first also when I got my IncS, but rest assured that Android manages the memory very well and there is no need to worry about the memory usage on the IncS. Some of it is bloat ware and they are in a loaded state, but they are not consuming resources and do not slow the system down.
  6. scottysattler

    scottysattler New Member

    so a task manager is not needed??

    How much RAM do you have free??
  7. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    The IncS is no longer my daily driver, but while I used it I usually had less than 200 MB free all of the time.

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