Advice needed: what Android phone?

  1. H3llb0und

    H3llb0und New Member

    Just lost my Nokia N900, so I will use this event as an excuse to jump ship to Android.

    I have always followed Android news and new devices etc, but never owned one.

    With all the recent announcements of new Android mobile phones I am a bit lost/confused on what to get.

    Money is not a problem but I usually try to go for bang for buck when I buy something.

    As I am coming from a VERY open Linux OS (Maemo) and I like to alter/customize the shit out of my gadgets what Android phones should I consider if I am to get one before the end of this month?

  2. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    There are so many great android phones out its best to ask friends that are on the same network as you. Really the best phone is the phone that is best for you. Go to your carrier and ask them to let you try some out and get a good feel for a few then research them.
  3. H3llb0und

    H3llb0und New Member

    Yes, but I have no friends with Android phones.
    I am surrounded with iSheeps. Seriously, In Sydney 4 in 5 people on the street have an iPhone...

    I should have mentioned that I always buy my phones unlocked.
    Locked to a carrier = no sale.

    Also I am in Australia, so if I want something current I will most likely have to buy it from overseas, Europe or the US like I did with the N900 in late 2009.

    I asked here, because not only I want speed and power, I also would like suggestions of phones that I can install custom roms etc.

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