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  1. countryman

    countryman Active Member

    I had a Sony Ericcson phone and its contact name was a single field. Having just taken delivery of an ACE 2, I copied all my contacts to the new SIM and then put it in my ACE 2. Looking at the contact display, the result is an unusable jumbled up mess because the ACE 2 has decided to try and split up my single contact name field into First and Last Name. The end result is a dogs dinner.

    Any suggestions on how to stop this or make the contacts list useable once more?


  2. richsausage

    richsausage Member

    Have you considered syncing your contacts to your Google account? You can then manage them on and they'll automatically update on your phone. A lot easier than wrestling with the phone's phonebook, plus they'll get synced over if you change simple or to another android phone.
  3. countryman

    countryman Active Member

    Yes, thanks for that. It is what I eventually ended up doing. Seems to have done a good job.

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