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  1. Nessariel

    Nessariel New Member

    Long story short, I'm in Canada, and I'm going to be buying an unlocked phone that I can use both with my current carrier and then with a different carrier once my contract expires (Oct 2012). I'm what I would consider fairly computer savvy, though I wouldn't be able to build one from scratch. My search has led me to a couple of places, and now I have some questions, so if anyone can answer them I would really appreciate it!

    1) Motorola Atrix 4G or HTC Incredible S? I've heard bad things about MotoBlur and all of the bloatware that come with it and AT&T, but am drooling over the Atrix's specs. The HTC is the next-most-awesome phone that's within my budget (I'd love to get a Sensation, but draw the line at $600) Both would be purchased unlocked from the States, the Atrix is an unlocked AT&T. I don't know what carrier the HTC was originally with.

    2) Once I've got the phone, am I going to be able to update Android to Gingerbread even though the device isn't on its original carrier? They both ship with FroYo.

    That's about it. Any and all advice would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  2. cds0699

    cds0699 Well-Known Member

    I thought the Atrix already has Gingerbread (might ship with 2.2 and receive an immediate OTA to 2.3... I'd look into that)... and according to the video below, the old Motoblur has been replaced by the newer version of Motorola's applications platform... which actually looks better. I don't know much about the Incredible S, but its going to come down to personal preference. You should get a lil hands on time with both and decide which you personally like better.

    Motorola Atrix 4G Gingerbread Hands-On - YouTube
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  3. TgeekB

    TgeekB Well-Known Member

    FYI: got an Atrix yesterday from AT&T and it came loaded with GB.
  4. Nessariel

    Nessariel New Member

    The place that I'm buying the phone from says that it's still FroYo as shipped, and has MotoBlur. Hmm, perhaps I will look for it from somewhere else.
  5. TgeekB

    TgeekB Well-Known Member

    That certainly could be. I was expecting to have to update to GB when I got it home but was pleasantly surprised. Either way, it's a great phone.
  6. thedosbox

    thedosbox Guest

    Yes. I run an unlocked Incredible S from Bell on Rogers and was able to update to Gingerbread when it was released.

    Mobilesyrup did a comparison of various Android phones available in Canada:

    Video: The Great Canadian Android Smartphone Roundup |

    As for which one, definitely try them both out. I love the HTC keyboard (arrow keys and long-press), and the mail client is one of the better stock ones if you use Exchange.
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  7. Nessariel

    Nessariel New Member

    Thanks for the info and suggestions everyone! Upon some time playing with both phones, I've decided that I like HTC's UI better than Motorola... but now I've found the Sensation 4G for a price that's in my budget, so I'm once again torn! Should I splurge for the dual core processor? Does it really make that much of a difference?

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