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Advice rooting my g300?

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  1. Huewey

    Huewey Member

    Hi, I am having a few lag issues and a few forced closes etc, so I thought I should root to clear up the phone abit and get it running more smoothly. My Question is, what is the best way to do this? What is the best rom, And how do I back all my data up before hand? Thank you guys

  2. tristana1

    tristana1 Member

  3. Huewey

    Huewey Member

    Hey thanks man. So if I officially update to ICS through my phones menu say, do that mean Im rooted, or do I still need to root? Any other tips for getting peak performance out of this phone?
  4. tristana1

    tristana1 Member

    I just updated to ICS through the over the air update using the phones update menu. The phone will not be rooted at this point. Once that was all done I found that website Huawei Ascend G300 Resource Site - Guides, Tips & Tricks and followed their instructions to root. It was really easy. I'm not even that technical with Android.

    I personally loathe things like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so I used the AnTek app manager, giving it superuser status and uninstalled them. If you apply any updates for the bundled apps, you'd have to uninstall the updates back to the 'factory version' before AnTek will be able to remove them. Removing stuff like that which keeps opening up and clogging up the RAM will definitely help your phone, it sure did with mine. I also deleted all the Vodafone music/help/somethingsomething bloatware apps and now have more room in the internal storage and less crap hogging my RAM.

    Using live wallpaper tends to slow things down too, so avoid it unless that's something you really want.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

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