ADW Launcher and overlapping widgets

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  1. mutts

    mutts Active Member

    I recently switched to ADW Launcher EX from Go launcher on my HTC Thnderbolt, mainly because I wanted to be able to use overlapping widgets.

    I am able to get my screens set up the way I want but, for seemingly random reasons, the widgets will suddenly change the overlap order.

    To illustrate:

    This screen cap is how it is supposed to look:


    This is how it looks when it gets messed up:


    My desktop is set at 7x7 (I think, the sliders in the ADW config don't have numbers so I'm guessing) and I've stretched the screen to the fullest extents. The widgets are BK's GGrid from this post on xda. They are a series of 3x3 UCCW widgets stretched to overlap.

    My phones screen is locked through ADW and it is set to not rotate when the phone changes orientation.

    When I add the widgets I start at the bottom (telephone/messaging) and work my way up.

    Does anyone know how to make them stay overlapped correctly? Is ADW not my best choice for this?


  2. k3vin 71

    k3vin 71 Member

    I had adw launcher for a long time but I really hated it :/ so I switched to Holo launcher
  3. Dr3amAth3m3

    Dr3amAth3m3 Active Member

    I use ADW too. Locking my desktop keeps widgets from changing position.
  4. mutts

    mutts Active Member

    Well, I ended up upgrading my phone anyway to the Note II. I loaded Apex Pro on and it seems to be a much more well behaved launcher.

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