ADW.Launcher: Best preformance by a home replacement

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    Jun 10, 2010
    ADW.Launcher. Opensource home replacement app. Features: Customizable desktop previews, Customizable application drawer (old one or iphone/galaxy one), Customizable drag & drop action buttons, Unveil the Dockbar flicking-up the app-drawer button and drop another 6 shortcuts/folders/apps!(For Android version 2.0 and higher)

    Price: Free


    Pros & Cons:


    * Experience up to 7 home screens for widgets, shortcuts, bookmarks, and apps
    * Preview all home screens at a glance
    * List of Android Apps feature swipe between screens
    * Very fast


    * No Pinch to see all home screens, you must tap the Home button again for preview
    * For Android 2.0+


    ADW.Launcher Android App is a home screen replacement app that takes the favor mostly from the app launcher menu from Android 2.2 (Froyo). The difference ADW.Launcher offers is individual control at various levels of the launcher? lets dig in.


    Screen Preferences

    You can control how many home screen panels you want from 3-7, whether to have Live Wallpapers or not, orientation sensor, which screen is your default screen and even scroll speed.

    Drawer Settings

    This houses configuration for your Android Apps drawer like animation effects or even configure how many rows and columns display.

    Previews Settings

    A few settings for home screen display, I wouldn?t recommend changing anything here. However I am disappointed the app lacks the Pinch feature to see home screens at a quick glance similar to the HTC Sense UI it emulates. :(

    UI Settings

    When I first saw LAB and RAB near the Android Apps launcher icon I wondered WTF?!? Upon further investigation they stand for ?Left Action Button? and ?Right Action Button?; yet they have a cool feature where you can drag and drop any app icon there!


    For those who like the effects of HTC Sense UI or need more home screens than 3 or 5 as some stock Android versions offer, then this app is for you. Plus it provides an alternative way to customize your Droid.


    Your organization or imagination determines the final UI, however the app is all about giving users freedom to customize their home for a in depth video review!!


  2. Phaze213

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    Jun 10, 2010
    bump due to update

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