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  1. debsto

    debsto Member

    Quick question. Have just upgraded to D3. Previously used ADW Launcher and it always defaulted to the middle (3rd) position of the home screens when powering on or pressing the "home" icon. On D3, it reverts to whatever screen had been used last. I've looked for a setting that would lock the 3rd position as the preferred - am I missing it?

  2. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    I believe that if you go to the overview of them all, you can set your home screen either with a long press on it or the menu key. I think it can be done...?
  3. DeadChex

    DeadChex Well-Known Member

    On the HomeScreen, Menu Button>Edit Then find the Screen you want to home button to send you back to and click the little Pushpin icon in the top middle.
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  4. debsto

    debsto Member

    Thanks DeadChex, I should have figured that out on my own. I appreciate the help.
  5. Shurple

    Shurple Well-Known Member

    i did that, and used the push pin but when i hit the home button, it ALWAYS shows me all screens in a preview.
  6. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I'm not sure if it's the same in ADW, but in ADW EX you go into (from home) menu->more->ADW settings->General Behavior->Gestures->Home button binding, and there are a number of different things that you can set. In ADW EX, the default is to show previews; I changed it to "Move to default desktop/show previews", which goes to the default home after one home press if you are not already there. If you are, then it opens previews.

    (Ok, I just checked standard ADW, and the setting is in menu->more->ADW settings->General behavior->Home button binding.)

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