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  1. mv03

    mv03 New Member

  2. rubadub234

    rubadub234 New Member

  3. matt0715

    matt0715 Well-Known Member


    Hey, its what got these forums going right? :) LONG LIVE ANDROID! We are all happy this device came to be, without it we would not be here entering in this contest and hanging with the spectacular android community! This device let googles DREAM come true and were glad it did. Good luck everyone!
  4. sarriola

    sarriola New Member

  5. IHateMyTreo

    IHateMyTreo Well-Known Member

    The single best post in all of AF history, thanks to OTD during the GN pre-release thread.


    In a nutshell, it concerns what you can do/not do to VZW employees to squeeze a little info out of them, from beheading to driving stakes through their hearts (watch out OTD!).

    Why was it helpful? Because the masses were going out of control; thousands of AF members were going to start rioting, maybe even kidnapping VZW employees, just to get a release date. People were being infracted, some banned. This was THE perfect post to help calm the townsfolk carrying torches and pitchforks. Genius. Pure genius.:D

    Ok after some of your replies and posts, I see that I need to make some more clarification about this. So here is the full list of things you should NOT encourage your fellow forum members to do while trying to gain information from a Verizon employee about the Nexus.

    Please do NOT encourage anyone to bite, kick, scratch, taunt, pepper spray, tase, taste, lick, pick a fight with, spank, invite to fight club, throw lard at, tell about fight club, harass, blackmail, extort, take hostage, bludgeon, trip, trick, confuse, play card games with, shave, throw red paint on, stab, sexually harass, protest, force to eat fire, disrobe in front of, follow home, mug, car jack, incapacitate, impersonate, use as a human shield, dress up as a farm animal, dress up as a pretty princess, dress as a former president, hold for ransom, push into traffic, punch, poke with a stick, throw spaghetti at, beat with asparagus, force to get you a shrubbery, force to drink shots, kidnap, try to date, give a puppy, listen to Justin Beiber, date O.J., Ninja, slip a roofie, arm wrestle, call in a bomb threat, talk to like Yoda, inform them that their mother was a hamster, watch Kevin Costner films with, sumo wrestle, ask why they are so serious, force to do the hokey pokey, hold at gun point, suggest that their father smelt of elderberries, make wear white pants after labor day, make do the truffle shuffle, friend on facebook, ask to follow them on twitter, suggest they follow you on twitter, taunt a second time, suggest they watch twilight, try to sell drugs, assault, tickle, throw pies at, take to a strip club, higher an escort for, disembowel, behead, invite to Thanksgiving Dinner, implicate in a crime, bribe, stalk, send a singing telegram to, set on fire, rick roll, wrap in bubble wrap, accuse of being a witch, wear a funny hat for, do a silly walk for, take to the zoo, watch an opera with, snorkel with, buy lingerie for, flash, toast with champagne, turn to the dark side, mail anthrax (the virus or the band), impersonate God to, hallucinate, duct tape to anything, give Pokeman cards to, reincarnate, invite to Christmas dinner, use the force on, cast into purgatory, flambe, date the sister of, confess being a Nexaholic to, date the brother of, demand more cowbell from, challenge to a game of Miss Pac Man, report to a supervisor, use witch craft on, slap with a fish, make juggle porcupines, expect the Spanish Inquisition for, pelt with iPhones, torture, wear as an Edgar suit, sell into slavery, threaten with a lawsuit, force to pick up your dry cleaning, give a wet willy to, film and post on YouTube, tailgate, sign up for spam, sing to, stare at, sick a dog on, create a voodoo doll of, play the Jeopardy theme after asking a question, force to wear footy pajamas, throw a broke F5 key at, laugh at in an evil manner, quote Star Wars to, call a windsock, inform them that you are Inigo Montoya, tell them that they killed your father, tell them that you are their father, lurk, give a Dutch oven to, put in your trunk, trick into a van using candy, impersonate the doctor of, cover in yogurt, feed after midnight, use names of endearment on, repeat everything they say, troll, speak in tongues to, shoot rubber bands at, poke in the eye, urinate in the Cheerios of, cry in front of, give a chia-pet, try to play Marco Polo with, smuggle into Canada, smuggle into Mexico, leave in the desert, steal the macaroni and cheese of, feed to a tiger, throw an opossum at, switch their coke with pepsi, spam, give a wedgie to, crash the wedding of or super glue to a desk any Verizon employees while trying get or gain any information about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

    Thank you
  6. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

  7. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member


    While we were all waiting for an official ICS update for the Nexus S, I spent hours of each day searching the far corners of the internet for news to keep this thread updated. The entire Nexus S community on Android Forums came together under that same cause, and it seemed like just about everyone was able to contribute something helpful. It was really inspiring to see the forum working together like that, and it drove me to keep that thread as up to date and relevant as possible.

    That thread made me proud to be an active member of AndroidForums.
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  8. Bigred1991

    Bigred1991 New Member

  9. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

  10. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I'll enter my own - http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-support-troubleshooting/141369-how-fix-froyo-gingerbread-any-rom-update.html

    This raised awareness that major OTA updates can get all sorts of bugs that look incurable when all that's required is a little dusting and cleaning under the hood.

    The advice has since spread to most all of our device forums and is the popular solution now at other sites as well.

    A lot of Android love has been saved by that advice and will continue to be. More than a thread, it was the first that spawned a class of those threads and posts.

    While I was the OP, the thread was based on the information of a large host of dedicated Evo owners working around the clock to pool resources, reach consensus and come to conclusion.

    So not only is it solid Android advice, it's at once a tribute and the proof that a community of Android lovers pulling together can overcome great problems.

    Maybe after the fact, the advice seems simple and obvious today, but the power of the community remains.
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  11. SeanPR

    SeanPR Member

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  12. wehnertb

    wehnertb New Member

    All things Root

    About three months ago I finally decided to try and root my Fascinate. I really wanted to get rid of all of the Verizon crud that just seemed to be dragging my phone speed down, including battery life.

    So I searched on how to root and it was here that I found detailed steps to root the phone and install Cyanogenmod. While this was just a replacement Gingerbread ROM, it did do wonders for my phone. It was a little buggy for me, so I found MIUI and installed that. That was an even bigger upgrade in performance, but not quite what I wanted.

    Reading through the forums some more, I found AOKP and took the plunge. I have never looked back.

    If you need to know something about your Android device, this is THE place to come for answers. Now I need to spend time reading through the posts seeing if I can help others as much as I've been helped.
  13. nerdstaz

    nerdstaz Well-Known Member


    This thread is my favorite. I believe that the Droid 1 changed the way everyone looked at Android and the marketing surrounding it helped make it a technology boomer. When I bought mine, I was coming from a blackberry and had no idea how great the community was. That's what makes Android for me, the community. In this thread above, it shows how a request was made and a developer lost sleep over getting this application out to the masses. Sure, a flashlight app is not exciting and today there are hundreds on the market...but it's about HOW this came about, not necessarily what it does. He had people (braver than I was at the time) testing for him and then a lot of the community was ready to toss money at him. It was a helpful application and to me? This is what Android is about. Fast turn around on applications, an innovative and helpful community, sleek devices, and a little bit of iBashing.

    And of course, without AndroidForums.com we may still be waiting on that silly flashlight application on the MotoDroid 1 :)
  14. blueaurora

    blueaurora New Member

    My favorite thread is currently a thread I loath... The elongated wait for ICS on my Razr. I have one of the ones that won't seem to take the current 211 official release. I spend 8hrs (kid you not) flashing/reflashing Rooting/unrooting trying to get a combination that worked.... Nothing did. Bricked it every time. Thank God for Matt Goff.

  15. alittle

    alittle Well-Known Member


    I Want Some CM9

    Not very old. Started about a week ago.
    The thread is in effort to support one of AF's most respected developers, Playfulgod.
    He is currently working on building CM9 for the Metro PCS LG Esteem. In the middle of doing so he bricked his phone.
    Members of the Esteem community all gathered together and raised up enough money to buy PG an LG Esteem to continue developing .

    It now has kind of turned into a place for people with the phone to chat. LOL

    In my opinion this proves that AF is the best android forum/ community.
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  16. couragedragon

    couragedragon Active Member

    My favorite post is the Zero Tolerance Post: http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-incredible/106873-zero-tolerance-policy-all-members-read.html

    While I'm relatively new here, I am a mod on another unrelated forum and I wish we had this policy. This policy allows all of these other wonderful threads to grow and be the Treasure Trove they are.

    I haven't been very active here for no particular reason, but after discovering this post last night. I plan to be here a lot more. Thank you for setting a HIGH standard of behavior. (Btw, have you considered linking to that post from within the Site Rules post?)

    Thanks for a great friendly community atmosphere!
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  17. mccannam

    mccannam New Member

  18. OtisFeelgood

    OtisFeelgood New Member

  19. Zfwaeld

    Zfwaeld New Member

  20. j007w

    j007w New Member

  21. cdunkle584

    cdunkle584 Well-Known Member

  22. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

  23. projeqht

    projeqht Active Member


    The Holidroid Contest thread where I was 1 post away from winning the challenge... And lost by seconds to a bot/script on the RSS XML feed...

    But afterwards Phandroid replied to my pleas apologetically and professionally, promising they would make clearer, concise contest rules along with thinking of ways to make the contests more fair without chance of cheating.

    The result was the Secret Image challenge which was a cheat-proof, much better thought out and fair contest (also mentioned earlier in this thread!).

    So far all the contests have been looking pretty good (like these Google IO ones) but I haven't come as close to winning any as I was last Christmas!!
  24. HanSolo

    HanSolo Well-Known Member

    I would like to submit my favorite post of all time, the one in which I ranted like a pissed off little school girl because I was put on probation.

    My School-girl Rant
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