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  3. Moxymo69

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    I've been here from the beginning (check my username) I've had the G1, had the OG Droid and now the Galaxy Nexus. I've fought the good fight for years, convincing many to convert from the dreaded Iphone. This post is personal to me, in the fact that it represented what was the true catalyst to android, the Droid, its mass appeal and the beginning of moding. There has never been a forum I checked more, or relied apoun more then this one. That wait from eclair to froyo was a tough one, so much so that I decided to give it a shot and do it myself. After trial and error, the thing that pulled me through was this great community and the enormous help and feedback they gave. I love android, I love what it represents and I love Phandroid and everything it encompasses, you guys have kept me entertained and informed for almost 4 years now. Thanks you for all your dedication!
  4. Ciggy

    Ciggy Well-Known Member

    When I read the contest this is absolutely the first thread that popped into my mind. The Galaxy Nexus was one of the most hyped up phones of the past year, excluding the SGSIII but this was before that existed.

    Every single day I would come visit Android Forums and catch up on the latest release date rumors. The newest rumors of what we should expect and so much more. I teased my self day after day about how revolutionary and awesome this new device would be. Everyone in the thread was so interested in what was going to be the "Galaxy Nexus". These types of things excite the hell out of me and I could not wait to get my hands on one.

    One very sad thing we talked about was the possibility of this device coming to Verizon. Little did we know it was planned all along. I believe we figured that information out early in the thread through.

    I was showing friends leaked images, leaked specs and so much more. Like na-na-na-na when this thing comes out I'm first in line with my upgrade. What felt like the longest wait ever had finally commenced and before even going to work on release day I walked into Verizon and picked up my Galaxy Nexus. Since then I have grown to love the device more and more. I can't even imagine having another phone. Everything this thread led up to was so worth the torturous wait that we had all went through.


    Now I am excited as hell for Jelly Bean to come out and make even better use of my dual-core GNex. The SGSIII is a nice phone and all but who needs all that processing power for a handheld device. My phone is super fast and now with project butter it will be so buttery smooth making everyone else sooo jealous. I also plan to pick up a Nexus 7. I really like the size and the fact that it's a nexus.

    Good luck everyone!
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  6. Humphrey

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  7. jarrod357

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  8. mtnhm

    mtnhm New Member

    EVO 4G - All Things Root Rooting, ROMS, Overclocking, etc.

    Internet searching on rooting brought me to this post, introduced me to Phandroid -, xda developers and so much more. This post took me over the edge from wannabe rooted to rooted and beyond. I go back to it from time to time to make sense of something I'm not sure of or what I need to do. It provided the most in-depth detail for a beginner/neophyte rooter/geek like me. It got me to looking as to what "ota" and many other terms that are used in this forum mean. I usually avoid anything titled "Dummies" (hate that series name) and prefer the term the O Reilly book series uses, "the missing manual." There is so much out there about rooting but this was for me, "the missing manual" for beginners and a real introduction to a new Android world. Thanks to ocnbrze for compiling so much information and the many other contributors who have made my venture successful. is a great community!
  9. monsterenergy22

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  10. ToastPwnz

    ToastPwnz Well-Known Member

    That has, hands down, got to be my favorite thread. The strange reason(s) behind that is, because it was that thread that brought me to AF, and I'm glad it did, but more so because that thread helped me avoid throwing my Eris out a window and jumping on it, possibly more than once. I believe that the creator of that thread, and all the creators of the respective threads listed there deserve credit for preventing my poor little Eris from taking a quick flight out of a high up window somewhere.
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  11. SecretSexyNinja

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    Let's see your "Incredible" layout (Pun Intended)

    Definitely check this out! :D

    The Incredible was the first Android phone I ever bought. I really love the open nature of the platform and this thread just shows that with creativity and hard work, a community (Phandroid) can come up with great ideas and awesome customizations for their phones.

    After I read through the entire thread I was inspired to create my own layout. I got to work and after about 20 hours my layout was ready. I linked to my specific my post showing the layout and how I designed it.

    Since then, I have made a couple other layouts and have been heavily involved in rooting, optimization, etc. I give all credit to Phandroid and the forums for making me take an interest!
  12. rreich49

    rreich49 New Member

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  13. Trebla Imein

    Trebla Imein New Member

    I came from an iPhone 3gs to the galaxy s2 because i was really interested in Android, so I was new to the platform. I "upgraded" my s2 to the ota 2.3.6, and the battery life was terrible because of some bug, and this tread helped me identify the problem. So a bad manufacture update lead me down the wonderful road of custom roms such as Cyanogenmod.
  14. strider70

    strider70 Well-Known Member

    It was a tough choice but I will choose:

    I chose this thread/post because it represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Android, phandroid, and androidforums:

    - This thread actually highlights rational and logical reviews of two of the greatest phones in Android history (HTC One X series VS Samsung Galaxy S III) without fanboyism. It is symbolic to me in that not only Android has matured, but also the users and their concerns. While reading you can sense the tone of genuine caring people trying to help others out.

    - Previous Android phones were always debated against iPhone. Now the biggest debate is between two high end Android phones that Apple tried to ban and slow down with litigation.

    I also want to note that Chris Chavez gave me the courage to root my first Android phone (HTC Evo 4G). I've been visiting phandroid for awhile but didn't learn about the vast resources androidforums would provide if it wasn't for Chris and his youtube videos (this was before he joined phandroid). Thanks dude.
  15. Kitten Mittens

    Kitten Mittens Well-Known Member

    I was going to post this thread, but you beat me to it. Man those were good times. Instead I'll pick this one...

    We were going crazy looking for every bit of information we could get, the anticipation was killing us. This was my first Android phone and first smartphone in general, so it was particularly exciting. I still have it and I don't plan on selling it since it isn't worth much now and I spent $300 for it new. At the time I had no idea a phone like this would still be so useful today even when it isn't activated (MP3 player/internet/navigation etc), all my old feature phones would start to get frustrating to use after about 6 months, and I'd be dying for an upgrade, but the Incredible was a great phone.
  16. ajm135

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  17. dkb409

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  18. cryptkeeper12

    cryptkeeper12 New Member


    My favorite thread because it helped my keep my first smartphone phone from being outdated and saved it a few times from being permanently bricked :) Good, organized info is what I need and I'll be able to use some of it in the future.
  19. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    for me, this is where it all began. i had only been a forum member for a few months, not too active at the time and then the supersonic rumors started. this thread was my home almost immediately, i spent HOURS diving in this info and conversing with folks who quickly became forum friends. not only did this end up being my first android phone, this thread in particular started my loyalty with phandroid and the great android forums! with over 1,800 posts and 700 thanks that i have given over the years this will always be where it began for me. for people i met like billsmed who are no longer around to those like TwoSpirits and SoFlo who i still see chattin around today. this thread reached a record 14,915 PAGES of conversation. i feel like i was on nearly every single one if not i had atleast read the content. there were many controversial moments in this thread, such as the now claimed and famed "trolls", mr jackson and notorious BSOD.

    at the end of the day, this is the thread that made me fall in love with this forum, this site, and has made me so loyal to this oustanding community over the years!

    thanks phandroid, you're a great site and i love being here!!!!!!!
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  20. erikiksaz

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  21. PalmPilot

    PalmPilot Member

    This is my favorite post of all time because it mirrored my feelings at the time for my beloved Droid Incredible...the amazing device that allowed me to dump my LG Voyager and its crutch of a keyboard and officially launched me into the world of smartphones, full touchscreens, Google and Nexus...and I haven't looked back since!
  22. Bikram72

    Bikram72 New Member

  23. ashmore00

    ashmore00 Member

    Although the OG doesnt have the specs of the newer phones it is still being taken care of by Devs to this day. Without this phone, and the support that went along with it, who knows if Android would have taken off like it has. The above link is not only a portal to all things Motorola Droid but also a direct gateway into the heart and soul of Android history itself.
  24. timleerj

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  25. AndroidReborn

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    Many of us root our phones.In and of itself, root only gives you access to secured parts of the phone, just like if you're using using Windows and you have to click that little Run As Administrator prompt. Basically it's a system developed a long while back that keeps the regular day to day operations from being able to have too negative an impact on the rest of the system.

    The positive thing about root is everything it then allows you to do further on down the line including custom apps, configurations and even OS'.

    This guide is very beneficial to those new to the world of rooting and those who want to learn.This gives them the basic precautions they should take.These are very important.Otherwise they could result in the bricking of the phone,i.e.turning of the phone from a full fledged multimedia device to an over-expensive paperweight on your table!!!!!!
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